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  1. Lost all credibility calling Shapiro alt right
  2. What's really important is how do we get babies to vote before we murder them in the womb.
  3. Still saying the same shitty thing. I didn't take it out of context. "Murderers should be allowed to vote because if not normal people won't be allowed to vote" is a shitty argument. I think we can agree though that people not in jail who served their time should be allowed to vote.
  4. Bernie Sanders said the Boston bomber should be allowed to vote. You guys are fuuuuckkeeed. So murderers and rapists in jail should be allowed to vote. Also 16 year olds. I thought this was the intellectual party?
  5. Americans are tired of war on both sides of the isle. I don't see a pro war policy as being productive even for a republican at this point.
  6. Trump would lose a large portion of his base if he went to war with Iran. It would be the stupidest political move ever.
  7. I didn't like that video(I do think her words were careless though). I just don't buy into rhetoric causing crazy people to be crazy. If a criticism is poor, show why it is poor. Labeling speech violence isn't a good counter argument. And going by your argument the Media has been trying to get Trump and Russians killed for 2 years.
  8. Nobody criticize politicians because a crazy person might do something. Terrible argument.
  9. I can help explain how this works. With Medicaid or Medicare you get to choose out of several plans what coverage you want from private insurance companies. So this scare tactic and misinformation from Bernie Sanders and Republicans simply isn't true. Private healthcare companies will still be around, the government will just fund and regulate them. Also, the argument that the government would limit what services would be covered is bullshit for 2 reasons. First of all private insurance companies through people's jobs already does this. You don't simply get everything covered. Secondly a person on medicare can switch plans if they don't feel like the coverage is adequate.
  10. If you get sick or have an accident, doctors have to help you even if you don't have insurance, and even if you never pay your medical bills. It's the same thing.
  11. Why don't we approach car insurance that way?
  12. I agree with what you're saying. Just wanted to see what Buffdaddy thought.
  13. Do you think people's differences are cultural or racial?
  14. I don't think anyone likes the idea of companies paying nothing. Problem is they lobby Democrats and Republicans to keep the status quo. Raising rates would look good on paper, but they would still pay zero because "they create jerbs" or claim losses oversees where the IRS can't/won't investigate. Meanwhile small businesses can't compete because they will be paying the higher rate.
  15. Raising the tax rate punishes small business. How about we find a way to stop corporations from paying no taxes? Also we already tax people based on what they make. We have been doing that for a while now. Half the people in this country literally pay no taxes.
  16. I agree. It's scary how similar they are with the being dumb as a fucking sand.
  17. I've seen the fetish mentioned in a meta way on the anime "gate", but they didn't call it furry. They called it liking woman with cat ears. I'm aware of it just not the word.
  18. IDK just haven't seen it used before.
  19. Because it's more competitive to arrive late after everyone has a gun and shields.
  20. Looking at the conventions seems to be a lot of them
  21. Had to Google what a furry was. So it's basically hardcore anime fans.
  22. I think Trump and Biden should fist fight like they talked about. Winner gets to grab somebody by the pussy.

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