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  1. Where am I at when I spawn on Mercy? Terrible remake. Simplicity and clarity > oober texture graphics.
  2. Heavyweight fights are so hard to call because of all the knockout power. Anybody can/does get caught. That's also why I never purchase a heavyweight PPV. I don't get my moneys worth 99% of the time IMO.
  3. I've had both. The elite is far superior in every way.
  4. Quit bans only punish the victims of a quit. The guy losing teammates can either get destroyed and try to hide or quit and get the same penalty he didn't deserve. The guys on the other team are bored out of their minds trying to find the remaining players for 12 minutes. Its just such a shitty system.
  5. Nate Diaz is borderline ********. He can barely put together a sentence. His brain costs him the majority of his fights.
  6. You just like Nate because you're both vegan lol.
  7. What's the logic in banning people that quit only because their teammates quit? Why should a player be forced to sit on lopsided games? Does anybody at 343 think?
  8. Its less about teammates causing 2v1's, because a good player can still put themselves in situations to get kills regardless of teammates. Its more about teammates that go so massively negative that you can't possible make up for it. I had a platinum guy go 5-22 in dubs. There is nothing I can do to make up for that kind of shit and the ranking system sucks ass for making that a match while searching focused.
  9. If you're talking about molten don't bother. Map is shit. Hide with a plasma rifle like everybody else and you should be fine.
  10. You can't compare college to NFL. But I agree I would take Meyer over Saban. They both are elite coaches and its silly to call it just good recruiting
  11. If that were true UF and UGA wouldn't have sucked dicks. They had great talent and yet Muschamp and Richt continuously under performed.
  12. I don't get any CSR when I play low ranks. Maybe a point.
  13. I got so fed up with the trashy teammates I get searching solo in doubles so I reviewed their gameplay. They literally are the worse.
  14. I never see you on . Searching anything but a full team =lose
  15. I am convinced Focused is not a real search restriction.
  16. Automatics and the shitty ranking system hurt this game the most. Getting platinum teammates is stupid. Getting banned for quitting because all your teammates quit within a few seconds is stupid. OW doesn't punish the victims of quitters. You can't play this game and have fun solo, that's the biggest detriment to me.
  17. I hate BAMA. But they will win it all again. Saban is the best college football coach there ever was.
  18. All I need now is your address and I'll steal your Internet's.
  19. Pretty much. The search filters do not seem to help either. You get games really fast, but it feels like they match whoever is searching immediately regardless of rank. Aka social.
  20. Doubles MM is really broke. Searching solo you will match teams of champs with a platinum teammate that gooses. Its unplayable.
  21. Its amazing how they always recruit so well and come up short. Mark Richt isn't a good couch IMO.
  22. Every QB ever is better than Treon.
  23. I never quit games. Was playing last night after not playing for a few weeks, me and 3 of my friends get kicked from the game and banned....back to overwatch. Quit bans suck. They make people who normally would quit in 2v4s stay and bore me to death. They punish people for lag outs that most likely are 343's garbage servers. Why can't they do it like overwatch????
  24. I almost downvoted you for mentioning the name. Its trash. Garbage. Awful. It manages to feel smaller than warlock and as big as Valhalla at the same time. It encourages crouchy AR spray. The spawns are beyond terrible. The Lava everywhere is superfluous, and probably there because lava, as it only subtracts from the gameplay. Its another map to dashboard over. Every new map is progressively worse. It makes me think I have a chance @ designing maps. It reminds me of that time I dated an ugly chick for her personality. I hate it. I loathe it. I want it to be physically erased from existence. If I had a time machine I would go back in time and stop its creation. Fuck that map.

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