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  1. Good players will gravitate to the best utility weapon. Doesn't really matter what you call it. I just want a weapon that's accurate and shoots where my reticle is pointed. Beyond that don't really care.
  2. There will not be another halo game without the BR.
  3. I always aim for the head anyway so I would be fine with this change. Just make all head shots kill in one less shot than using body shots to break shields and finishing with a head shot.
  4. This is essentially so every playlist can be played ranked or not ranked. I like that aspect. We can argue about implementation but I would love to be able to enjoy doubles/slayer/snipers socially with players that are not that great, and vice versa when playing with my good friends. In H3 many playlist were exclusively ranked, and even though I preferred them, I wouldn't be able to play them with say my wife or brother, because they suck.
  5. I don't think we will ever see the removal of entitlements. Whether it be in the real world or the Halo series. So unfortunately AA's will not be going anywhere, if anything I expect things will get worse. Hope I am wrong.
  6. Couldn't you one hit melee with the brute shot in H2 if it hit their head? I want more of that, melee damage changing based on where you hit and how much momentum you have. Also no more lunge.
  7. It's pointless to do team based ranks now because: 1. Not enough people play the game to get a full party of 4. If you go in with anything less than a full party then you are guaranteed the heaviest worstestest randy MM can find. 2. We already know CSR doesn't work, so teammates and foes will not be around the same level. 3. You can still back out of the lobby before the game starts. At no PENALTY. Why would you play on their host on a shitty map? Now you don't have to. In H3, if you were good, you could search alone and get a 50 in team slayer. To me that's a good ranking system. It will be impossible to get past a 30 by yourself in H4 team slayer. Especially without abusing the system(avoiding jip, backing out).
  8. Full metal panic is one of the funniest I have seen.
  9. Cuz its fun gettin boners. I loved that series.
  10. Play overly aggressive. Rush a lot. Deaths don't count against so just focus on getting the highest score.
  11. I still play H4. To me, choosing between H3 and H4 is like choosing between a douche and a turd sandwich. I just went with the douche.
  12. I played doubles with you like a month ago. We got matched on the same team and stayed in the party. Those were good games.
  13. It was somewhat tolerable when the game was in its prime. I went back about a year ago and it was flat out unplayable. Aside from the shitty netcode I had forgotten how bad the spread was with the BR. And I agree, shot registration is the most important thing in a FPS.
  14. City: Jacksonville Gt: Pharmassists
  15. That's why I can never play H3 again. Shit like that happened during the games prime when everybody played it. I may be in the minority but H3's netcode is far worse than dealing with shitty Halo 4.
  16. If this is true, than 343 has ZERO excuse for providing visible ranks again.
  17. Welcome Bob. I remember one time I was playing against you and my teammate kept calling you spongebob. That was pretty funny.
  18. I can't see them making Halo 4.5. That doesn't make sense. They would have to be egomaniacal/really fucking stupid to continue down this direction I think H5 is gonna be amazing and I am especially excited for servers.
  19. I abused this glitch to buy everything I wanted. Hope they don't ban people for it :-\
  20. Gta online is boring as hell. It's essentially trolling and boosting for levels and cash. The actual gameplay blows.First of all free aim should be mandatory. Autoaim is fucking ********.Secondly You can't just join a deathmatch playlist. You have to join a random one then hope people keep voting that way, or else you have to leave and wait for the map to load. After the map loads you then pick quick deathmatch. That's dumb. I also hate how I don't know what aiming settings people have. Am I in a lobby with all free aimers? I don't know. If not I can't change my settings unless I am playing single player. RDR did online so much better as far as actually the settings you want. I could join a free aim online hardcore playlist. When you died you didn't keep all the weapons you picked up. You also weren't at an advantage for playing the game more by being able to start with better weapons and more ammo. The deathmatch I feel has potential, but there is so much wrong with the settings I can't enjoy it. But again the biggest problem is it's just boring.The game lacks depth, I don't feel like I am challenged or engaged. I find myself going back to H4 and that's crazy talk.
  21. I went back to Halo 3 a year ago, found the feel of the game to be terrible. The movement was sluggish, the jumping was obnoxiously floaty, but worst of all the aiming was terrible. I went back to Reach. Something is way off with the aiming in H3.
  22. This may sound gay but this breaks my heart. I can honestly say I love and owe a lot to Halo. To see it in this condition is hard for me. I am not the best player nor do I play it exclusively but it was always my favorite game. What a tragedy it is to watch incompetent developers continuously destroy this franchise.
  23. For a million dollars that mother fucker has gotta fly or shoot lazer beams or go back in time.

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