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  1. Even if you're pro life how can you say a woman who was raped has to keep the baby? That seems really fucked up.
  2. If God created everything then he would have had to create good and evil. Philosophically speaking a Christian and atheist should both believe this life is meaningless. The first chapter of Ecclesiastes talks about everything being utterly meaningless. Its worth a read because it actually is good poetry from a secular perspective.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elijah_McCoy Just one example of a colored feller helping build this nation. He transformed the railroad industry. 57 US patents.
  4. For sure. Just would like to discuss those things rather than "you want to change everything" vs "you would never change to the point that you would be living in caves".
  5. This is a debate that should be nuanced, but all I see are broad brushes.
  6. That's bullshit. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-human-beast/201103/faith-healing-shouldnt-work-it-does I can tell you that your mindset does affect outcomes. This isn't limited to Christianity. SSRIs perform similar to placebo in clinical trials. This is because people believe they work. Belief is powerful even if it isn't true. I interned at Mayo clinic and oncologist would encourage people to pray. Now if you're saying pray without going to a doctor. Yeah that's ******** lol
  7. It's something never mentioned, but a possibility that humans aren't currently prepared to deal with.
  8. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/11/massive-crater-under-greenland-s-ice-points-climate-altering-impact-time-humans
  9. On the topic of astronomy, what do you think about the taurid media stream? I watched some guy on Rogan who thinks it's a threat and is responsible for destroying old world civilizations
  10. If the other universes created this one, there is no way liberals are there.
  11. I'm definitely not a practicing scientist so forgive me, I didn't know there were mathematical models that predict a multiverse. That's fascinating and something I would like to read up on. I was under the impression that the multiverse was the only way that science could explain the energy and matter needed to bring this universe into existence. As for the faith comment, I don't mean it in a derogatory way, if it came off like that I'm sorry. It seems like some scientist are looking for answers more than trying to believe an ideology. I should be more careful with my assumptions. You're response to part 2, I'm saying don't you find it peculiar that the universe itself is logical in the sense that advanced monkeys can figure out it's secrets? Math itself is a philosophical anomaly to me. Last question I have isn't a question as much as an observation. Numerous civilizations continents apart used drugs or rituals to experience the afterlife or the spiritual world. It's interesting that they have similar experiences. The Samaritans have a carving that shows our solar system before people could possibly know the planets and their order. When people did these rituals they would describe flying through the heavens. Do you think there is a spiritual world or at least a dimension outside of the physical world? (Sorry that was rambling not sure how to organize my thoughts on this).
  12. Idk they are both equally possible but completely untestable.
  13. I've definitely considered the simulation aspect but everything I've read seemed like pseudo-science. Have you considered that there could be a spiritual world, not strictly talking in the religious sense. Think of it like a different dimension that exists on top of this one. I've heard reports of people doing psychedelics and seeing the same things at the same time.
  14. Let's be honest, my personal experiences doesn't mean shit to you, and it shouldn't.
  15. For my second question. Our universe is governed by the many laws of physics. 1. Why do they exist? 2. Why are we able to understand them?
  16. I'm not interested in the scientific view and that's the problem with atheist. Too metaphysical. Science could tell me from beginning to the end how one thing leads to another and it still doesn't tell me why, because nothing that happened had to happen.
  17. I think the multiverse theory is just hand waving at best and goal post moving at worse. We still can't explain how 0 particles became trillions of particles without believing in something outside of the aquarium. That's where people are going with the multiverse theory. But it still doesn't answer why, and it puts the science in a place that can't possibly be observed. The answer to the question requires faith from atheists.
  18. Let's start with why is there something rather than nothing?
  19. It's an anecdote and I wouldn't think it appropriate to argue from. There are personal experiences that make me believe vs philosophical questions that I think are more relevant. The personal experience lead me to ask the questions I hadn't considered before hand. Also when I say I don't believe in God of the Gaps I specifically mean I trust science over religious dogma
  20. Which specific part? I'm assuming you mean the "something happening that I cannot explain".
  21. The philosophical question is not how it happened , it's why it happened. Because nothing needs to happen. I don't believe in God of the gaps
  22. Legend already proved my point LMAO. The problem is people already made their minds up and you can't persuade or argue beliefs that are dogmatically the core to their existence. Nobody could convince me God existed until something happened that I can't explain with reasoning.
  23. Faith is subjective. It's just as hard for me to believe the universe exploded into existence millions of years ago so 343 could ruin Halo.
  24. It wouldn't be a debate, it would be full of pretentious people belittling anybody that's not a woke atheist.

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