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  1. This is my rambling answer:I have not played H5 since playing OW. Its a different game but there is enough content and depth to keep me playing. There is also many ways to be good. Not only do you have different classes but each class has a play style to learn based on that particular character. Its addicting because I want to be good with every class and the ranks feel rewarding. You can't really carry and teamwork is a must way more than Halo.
  2. Is this where you win more than you lose but still stay in the same rank?
  3. I agree. Tanks do too much damage and have a huge health pool as well. Defense and DPS characters are less meta as a consequence. I've even seen 4 tank 2 healer ran successfully and GM level.
  4. I love this game. Would like to see a further decrease in ult time. Also not a fan of 3 tank meta.
  5. The zen one is the best, especially because I play Zen. I don't get the 3k cost but I guess they want people to play more. Also symettra seems like a solid pick now, but people still rage when I pick her. But that 75 shields is actually really good especially with the 3 tank meta=really hard to kill.
  6. If you treat them like dirt they stick like mud.
  7. D.va seem OP to you guys now? Rarely play a comp game without a D.va.
  8. I do. Solo is cancer. Common problems like everyone thinking they are a DPS/Snipe god when a Lucio/Rein would be a victory.
  9. Anybody that liked Pokemon back in the day might like this.
  10. Top 500 now. Can't even make myself play Halo anymore OW is just so fun. Sombra sucks ass
  11. Just got into masters. On to grandmasters. Game is addicting AF.
  12. How can Florida not get a QB?
  13. Florida looks bad so far... Then FL gets a pick 6 right after lol
  14. I'll believe Florida is better than Auburn if they crush Arkansas.
  15. South Carolina beats Tennessee? Lol
  16. Not running it more is questionable. Del Rio is missing so many open receivers
  17. I know. I'm at the game. So many drunk peeps
  18. Predictions for playoffs. 1.Alabama 2.Michigan 3.Washington 4.Clemson/Louisville. If Clemson loses even one game I like Louisville better even if they don't play in the ACC championship. They have bigger wins and despite losing to Clemson, I think they are better. Clemson would have to lose in the ACC champ to Vatech for Louisville to get in. I want them to.
  19. There isn't always a correlation with recruiting and winning.
  20. Makes me wonder what Meyer and Saban do to get these blue chips.
  21. Yes if they could score points on Alabama(they can't).
  22. Alabama will still make Auburn look like children. To beat bama you need good corners and play press coverage and blitz every down. Make the freshman out throw you.
  23. Watch ole miss still be ranked lmao.

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