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  1. I would think the data would show Republicans donate more but I would chalk that up to Republicans being more likely to go to church. I wouldn't necessarily say that's charity.
  2. Do Democrats or Republicans donate more to charities?
  3. CNN is actually trying to make people believe that Fredo is an ethnic slur. God damn I love the times we live in.
  4. How many millionaires were built off the great ideas of billionaires?
  5. A scary and gross thing to do is to look up the registered sex offenders that live in your neighborhood. I don't understand why we let pedophiles back into our society. It's also Fuked up that "registered sex offender" doesn't distinguish between a 19 YO fucking a 17 YO and an old man fondling a child. The law needs to be more specific.
  6. I probably agreed with less than half what he said. I got the impression he was more than a talking head. He was especially right about healthcare. Bernie is different than most politicians in that I don't think he is bought out. So I have to at least respect him. Oh and I wish he would stop saying Medicare for all. Medicare is not as popular as he thinks it is.
  7. Some things I learned/acknowledge from this interview. 1. Bernie is not an idiot 2. Me too drugs are produced by greedy companies. I can validate this as a pharmacist. A "me too" drug is when you take a molecule that works and you very slightly modify it simply so you can call it something new and get a patent and then make billions of dollars off of something that isn't unique. 3. Drugs are in fact sold in other countries for a fraction of the cost.
  8. It kinda seems like an act to me. You have to admit that episode of Rogan was really entertaining. I wanted Eddie Bravo to choke Jones out so bad.
  9. The stock market is literally people's feelings. That's why it tanked every time Obama gave a speech.
  10. You said yourself all pundits suck so I understand. Just know he is equally loathed by classical conservatives. His niche is more with the conspiracy theory crowd.
  11. If somebody who claims to be on your side of the isle does something, everyone on that side of the isle is grouped together with that person because it's politically convenient. Ergo all conservatives are Alex Jones.
  12. Yeah but have you ever in your life seen a politician that beautiful?
  13. Tulsi Gabbard is so fucking hot.
  14. The last part is definitely true. The first part I'm no so sure of. If the majority of jobs are through corporations and they could pay whatever they want, people won't have a choice. There aren't a lot of small businesses especially in urban areas where poverty is a problem.
  15. Shouldn't minimum wage at least be at the poverty line? I think the market works for wages in high skilled jobs but not for low skill jobs. There are many people who are never going to be able to have the skills to be worth more than minimum wage. Ergo there has to be a minimum wage unless you want half the country on welfare. Either the state is going to pay to subsidize low income earners (taxes aka money out of my pocket) or the corporations are going to pay it which also has consequences.
  16. Not the worst criminals =/= good people. I don't like Trump's rhetoric but I also don't see the need to bend it into something it's not
  17. Show me where Trump said only. Knowing who comes into your country is valid criticism of the current immigration system. Singling out only the bad apples and not mentioning the majority of good that comes from Mexico is in bad taste, I'll admit.
  18. Trump can't tweet valid criticism without making it look racist. Criticism of socialism is valid. Go back to your country was obviously going to, at a minimum, be interpreted as xenophobic. He isn't a smart man.
  19. I don't know what you're talking about
  20. That would be hilarious. I feel high just watching her talk.
  21. How about both? I like Yang personally. He doesn't seem divisive.
  22. Question for conservatives. If you had to pick a Democrat from the ones running, who would it be?
  23. You've never had nothing to do at work?

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