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  1. Danny wants to see John SNOW. What a whore sacrificing Dragons for some dick.
  2. I want to know but I don't want to know
  3. If you can't please yourself who can you please?
  4. Isn't it normal to be addicted to sex?
  5. There are too many characters and too many things happening to stay focused. I feel like shit is about to get real and hopefully the phantom troupe, Ging, and Hisoka will appear.
  6. So glad he didn't bend the knee.
  7. Like every other DB arc. Goku saves the day and wishes the other universes to not be erased.
  8. The Lord of light is the most confusing thing in the show. Doesn't seem good or bad. Just seems like an all powerful being that loves fucking with things.
  9. Kinda surprised Euron was able to crush the fleet so easy after having no ships last season.
  10. Probably the best cheap beer ever made. You can get a 24oz for $2 at Winn Dixie. It's also Obama's favorite beer. Yuengling is the great unifier of beers, loved by beer snobs and beer noobs alike.
  11. New belgum ranger voodoo was surprisingly tasty and on sale to boot. 9% but you definitely can't taste it.
  12. Lol I don't even look up where stuff is from I just buy randomly. All I know is it was pretty damn good.
  13. Best beer I've ever had was a beer called devul. It's some German shit I bought. Flavor was fantastic and the alcohol content was high AF, except you can't taste it. Sneaky fucking Germans. You guys should try it.
  14. Steel reserve poured into a Dixie cup. Smells like pee. 5 minutes later fat chicks look good. Rating 5/5.
  15. I like McGregor. He still is going to get his ass whooped. I think he knows this and is doing it for the $$$
  16. Thanks and I agree but its a win win because I dislike them both.
  17. I would def pay to see that. Would it be boxing or MMA?
  18. Unlimited blade works was awesome especially the twist.

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