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  1. For a million dollars that mother fucker has gotta fly or shoot lazer beams or go back in time.
  2. I see coldfusion aka randyroflstomp playing customs almost every day. I don't know if he posts here but I would add him if you wanted to play modded customs.
  3. Lol buying cars in grand THEFT auto. :-)
  4. 3 minute OS? Different maps have different weapon sets? Where is fallout? I like graphite but it needs something. I don't like concussion rifle. Its not strong enough to force map movement. Maybe rockets instead. OS where shotgun is.
  5. I really enjoyed killing all those clowns. Best part of the game for me.
  6. The few games I played was more like lag pit. This game really doesn't know how to pick a host.
  7. Because button glitches were glitches I doubt we will ever see them again. I thought the super grenade glitch was great but it was quickly patched, making me doubt we will ever see button glitches.
  8. It was dead. Now it's been embalmed and buried. Anybody have any last words?
  9. We are told to give our feedback and to be brutally honest without flaming anybody. Then you get "off topic" bans. Regardless of whether or not a ban is justified, I just don't see the logic in permanently banning your consumers from the primary feedback outlet. Like you said it will do more harm than good. I guess they want a sub par game, with their forums full of sycophants humping 343's decision making.
  10. I don't want to get into the specifics. I just want a Halo game that people play. I miss the days of a full friends list. I want a Halo game that people talk about and can't wait to get home and play.
  11. Looks like you got your perma the same time I did. I should thank the mods. I don't know how much more stupidity I could handle from that site. It amazes me that a website would even consider permanently banning people from the only outlet for feedback on your game.
  12. It's a combination of bad connections when I do play, and GTA 5 keeping my from Halo. The game isn't that bad after the update but I get way too many laggy games to enjoy it.
  13. I really like the way the weapons function in the modded settings with reduced aim assist. It's nice to feel like I earned my kills. I hope the next Halo is like that.

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