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  1. He said inject disinfectants and cure the virus in a few minutes. Can't really defend that. It sounded so bad in the headlines I thought the media was twisting his words. Nope. He should ask those questions off the camera. That was painful to watch.
  2. Nobody that's ever flown is going to feel bad for the airline companies.
  3. I was told they are loans to corporations had to be paid back. If not fuck that.
  4. The only people that should get money are people out of work due to the Corona virus. Everybody else including corporations should fuck off.
  5. It has the potential to work, but it was a poorly done study and the interaction tells me it's too soon to call it a miracle cure. We have drug shortages in general right now given the situation. But doctors ordering 6 month supplies for them and all their family members isn't helping.
  6. The drug combo hasn't been proven to work. The combination interacts and can cause a fatal arrythmia. This behavior has caused the medication to run out for people that actually need it for RA, when these people don't even need it yet and are just selfishly hoarding it.
  7. Doctors are calling prescriptions of hydroxychloroquine in for themselves and their family. Kind of fucked up.
  8. This is the most I've ever agreed with you. I kinda feel bad for Bernie TBH
  9. I am for universal healthcare. But the idea that the government isn't going to somehow fuck it up and overpay is mind boggling. The way Medicaid and Medicare is ran now is very shitty. I don't trust the government to do it right and at the same time I have empathy for the individual trying to afford healthcare. It's a complex situation. The core problem is healthcare is too expensive. Why and how do we fix that?
  10. Did he actually say that shit just like that? If so lol at the Democrats.
  11. That's true. It should be an easy win if one were to hate China.
  12. Isn't Kentucky where white people go to die of a heroin overdose?
  13. I didn't know Chinese people liked basketball I just thought they made the shoes.
  14. I won't take any politician seriously until I hear somebody trying to simplify the tax system. The more complicated it gets the more it benefits the tax dodgers.

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