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  1. I didn't know Chinese people liked basketball I just thought they made the shoes.
  2. I won't take any politician seriously until I hear somebody trying to simplify the tax system. The more complicated it gets the more it benefits the tax dodgers.
  3. I think this is the best argument for universal healthcare. That and 50% or so of the country already has Medicaid or medicare.
  4. The biggest news is a judge just approved a merger between CVS and Aetna which will be a disaster for healthcare. Why should a pharmacy be allowed to own insurance companies?
  5. Neither party is going to take money from their biggest donors.
  6. People that never drink water suddenly need 8 cases of water. There were several fist fights over water too. It's pretty funny
  7. So it's basically a fear porn statistic because all they say on the news is 185 mph winds! If it's such a small area they shouldn't broadcast the max winds just the realistic affects. We are sold out of water and everyone wants their oxycodone 2 weeks early.
  8. Anybody know why a hurricane will be labeled 185 mph sustained winds but when you see live wind reports from near the eye it's like 75mph? Do they escalate the danger?
  9. They have live volcanos, mountains, and wild macaws everywhere. Outstanding fishing too. The rainforest has all the wildlife you can handle if that's what you're into. It's also 82 degrees year round so you can go whenever you want.
  10. Do the Democrats still do that stupid ass superdelegates shit? That might fuck Sanders over again
  11. But is there a problem you can't just nuke away?
  12. I feel bad for all those disabled comrades. Still more embarrassing to be on the left rn.
  13. Except when they run out of chicken. https://youtu.be/8pyW6w5B7Aw
  14. From what I understand from the person in charge of it ( mind you I work for a corporation and don't take the time to research the laws, I just do what I'm told) it's the EPA. The FDA is more concerned with the safety of drugs to the patient. I actually took the time to research and it looks like Phentermine is no longer on the FDAs list. https://www.epa.gov/hwgenerators/management-hazardous-waste-pharmaceuticals Maybe they should fire the person who sends those emails telling us what to do. Point being I'm all for the EPA stopping pollution. The environment is something I'm very left leaning on. But empty bottles being bagged, boxed and labeled is a little extreme. The government can have the right motivations but then you experience their regulations and have to ask yourself how they can be so fucking stupid.

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