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  1. I feel bad for all those disabled comrades. Still more embarrassing to be on the left rn.
  2. Except when they run out of chicken. https://youtu.be/8pyW6w5B7Aw
  3. From what I understand from the person in charge of it ( mind you I work for a corporation and don't take the time to research the laws, I just do what I'm told) it's the EPA. The FDA is more concerned with the safety of drugs to the patient. I actually took the time to research and it looks like Phentermine is no longer on the FDAs list. https://www.epa.gov/hwgenerators/management-hazardous-waste-pharmaceuticals Maybe they should fire the person who sends those emails telling us what to do. Point being I'm all for the EPA stopping pollution. The environment is something I'm very left leaning on. But empty bottles being bagged, boxed and labeled is a little extreme. The government can have the right motivations but then you experience their regulations and have to ask yourself how they can be so fucking stupid.
  4. The EPA makes me take every empty bottle of warfarin and Phentermine and bag THEN box them and document the when how where etc. We are not allowed to throw them in the trash. Why only those drugs? Why empty bottles? I get that the EPA is needed but I don't see how an empty bottle of warfarin is killing the environment.
  5. I'll go anywhere close and cheap that has good waves. I've been to Costa Rica twice and Puerto Rico once. I'm in love with Costa Rica. I want to retire there.
  6. My personal belief is that philanthropy is independent of political ideology. I wouldn't necessarily say taxes used to help the poor is independent of charitable donations to the poor other than the choice. I just wanted to poke the bee hive because it's hilarious how partisan everything is.
  7. So you think taxation is charity.
  8. Aren't more Democrats billionaires?
  9. Charity is optional, taxes isn't. So you would classify taxes as charity then?
  10. That's not charity. Redistribution is taxes. So they are basically saying blue states paying more taxes = more Charity 😂
  11. More as a total or more individually as a % of income?
  12. I would think the data would show Republicans donate more but I would chalk that up to Republicans being more likely to go to church. I wouldn't necessarily say that's charity.
  13. Do Democrats or Republicans donate more to charities?
  14. CNN is actually trying to make people believe that Fredo is an ethnic slur. God damn I love the times we live in.

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