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  1. I don't know much about Merkel but I once met a German Girl in Costa Rica. I was in a pool and she swam to me, asked me where I was from . Then she asked what I though of Trump. Then she swam away. p.s. most German woman are ugly. Costa Rican woman are beautiful, but most likely prostitutes.
  2. Why is prostitution illegal unless you're filming it?
  3. I have to respect her for this.
  4. Ok cool we are in agreement then.
  5. I agree with everything you're saying, just think it would work better at a local level. With the federal government there will be no accountability on where the money goes. No bench marks for what should be accomplished. It's a publicity stunt imo. Right now the majority of infrastructure is funded by the states. If people want better infrastructure vote in local politicians that will get the money. Like here in my city we added express lanes where you can pay to not be on traffic. It's a good idea and created a luxury tax to put money back in our roads.
  6. I thought Obama's shovel ready jobs stimulus was going to do that. Or maybe the government can't fix things. Infrastructure should be on a local level and funded by the people that use it.
  7. It's almost as bad as Dexter. They should have just made John Snow a lumberjack.
  8. How do the Brits in here feel about Sargon of Akkad running for office?
  9. Even if you're pro life how can you say a woman who was raped has to keep the baby? That seems really fucked up.
  10. If God created everything then he would have had to create good and evil. Philosophically speaking a Christian and atheist should both believe this life is meaningless. The first chapter of Ecclesiastes talks about everything being utterly meaningless. Its worth a read because it actually is good poetry from a secular perspective.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elijah_McCoy Just one example of a colored feller helping build this nation. He transformed the railroad industry. 57 US patents.
  12. For sure. Just would like to discuss those things rather than "you want to change everything" vs "you would never change to the point that you would be living in caves".
  13. This is a debate that should be nuanced, but all I see are broad brushes.
  14. That's bullshit. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-human-beast/201103/faith-healing-shouldnt-work-it-does I can tell you that your mindset does affect outcomes. This isn't limited to Christianity. SSRIs perform similar to placebo in clinical trials. This is because people believe they work. Belief is powerful even if it isn't true. I interned at Mayo clinic and oncologist would encourage people to pray. Now if you're saying pray without going to a doctor. Yeah that's ******** lol
  15. It's something never mentioned, but a possibility that humans aren't currently prepared to deal with.

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