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  1. Might want to tell our GDP that. (It doesn't know) Robots won't take over everything but low/middle skill jobs are shrinking. That's just a fact. How come you exaggerate everything people write?
  2. I'm mainly thinking about UBI because I believe technology is quickly fazing out many jobs, and I question where we will place the displaced.
  3. I only know this is true because of my friend from Africa. They come in build infrastructure in a way that only Americans can maintain, and then sap resources and funds with interest as repayment. It's pretty shitty.
  4. I went years without trying it. Worst mistake of my life. They are fucking epic.
  5. I would wager that you wouldn't get any new non productive members of society. People either have drive or they don't. 36k a year isn't enough for me to live the life I want. If anything people might be motivated to work more because it's like having an extra salary. The positives of UBI: 1. No disability or workers comp 2. No SS 3. Decrease in crime and homelessness. 4. Stability during financial crisis. 5. We can pay for about 92% of it with the money we already spend on SS, welfare, etc. 6. Freedom to choose what you do with the money. You blow it on drugs and can't afford your morgage? Tough shit. UBI goes against every fiber of my belief system, but I would like to see it tried on a small scale and then judge it.
  6. If universal basic income replaced entitlement benefits would it be a good idea? I actually think it might.
  7. Obviously. When did I imply the opposite?
  8. You're not wrong that latin American prosperity would help. We can't just throw money at them and assume their government is magically going to stop being shit. China is doing well economically but it's still a shit place to live, for instance.
  9. But they are not elected. They work independently of elected officials. They put the interest of big banks first, and are responsible for the bailouts of big banks nationally and overseas during the financial crisis. The stability they provide is overshadowed by the favor they pay to big banks. Also they don't operate in full transparency.
  10. I don't feel attacked I just think it's fucking gay. It felt like I was attending one of your dance recitals.
  11. Do private bankers or elected government officials sit on the board of the fed?
  12. Freedom is irrelevant. True freedom is anarchy so you need a different metric.
  13. Yes toxic people are the minority. Which is why we didn't need the lecture in the first place. It's fucking cringe.
  14. And you're naive to think a government taking over the reigns would become any less totalitarian.

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