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  1. There are bad people from every side of the political spectrum. Nothing new.
  2. In Jacksonville there are roughly 10 different homeless shelters. I'm sure most cities are like that. Most the homeless people I see not in shelters are mentally deranged or on drugs. Not a good idea to give them some bodies house.
  3. Here where I live charter schools have done bad and some have close due to some shady shit. Private schools are doing well though. I wonder why that is? https://www.jacksonville.com/nationworld/20181114/former-duval-charter-school-operator-gets-20-years-for-fraud
  4. Probably lol. But how am I gonna watch rap videos on Facebook if they all get arrested?
  5. But how you separate the culture from the intent? Rap videos have guns and people with pants that don't fit talking about doing dumb shit. It doesn't mean they still do it or intend to do it. Getting arrested over a rap video just seems silly to me, even if they are in a gang. However my city has the highest murder rate in Florida. If there is a reasonable decline in gun violence then I'll be on board.
  6. I don't disagree that the culture is bad. I have a problem with people being arrested over an image and not an action. What if the felony was non-violent? Even if the fucked up in the past, the thought that acting in a rap video can be a crime is shitty. It's thought crime.
  7. Is it just me or is this bullshit?
  8. Yeah but have you been on a cruise? It's fckn awesome.
  9. That's usually the best place to find irony.
  10. If I don't have the right to fuck up my kids then nobody should.
  11. https://quillette.com/2019/01/25/the-right-needs-to-grow-up-on-environmentalism/
  12. Why has production of oil decreased? Why make that your chief export? Surely with all the money and social programs other industries should prop up and thrive? Why can't they produce their own food? It couldn't be because the government seized all the farm lands and proceeded to fuck it up.
  13. The oil being nationalized is what fucked it up into the first place you dolt. Everything the government controls in that country is ran into the ground.

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