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  1. Lets face it Scuf can throw money towards MLG and be allowed like they currently are for cod, etc.. Also any top tier teams would undoubtedly be given scufs from the jump if they were allowed in competitive play so the playing field would be equal for any sponsored team but if you don't have a sponsor you would have to scrounge up money to buy one which could be an issue for some. I would be more worried about some online god having a macro controller and entering a online tournament and just devouring everyone with his one button skillz. I don't think they should be allowed but at the same time if it makes the competition better and we get great games as a result so be it.
  2. Wow shocked, Heinz is a beast but legit brings it up to a new level. I thought for sure Snipedown would be replaced by enable but not this
  3. The amount of shit Faith takes in the chats I wouldn't blame her if she went on a mass banning spree, but she doesn't and for that I give her credit. I know there was one person who was repeatedly banning lethul and some others for a while on saturday. I have said this before but until twitch steps up the processes for creating accounts (ie: having some sort of verification process) moderating a chat is almost pointless, the people who want to be annoying will just create an account in 5 seconds and be back to spamming or whatever.
  4. Pretty sure it was Coach Towey who doesn't know much about Halo 4.
  5. If twitch made their account creation process more than a fake email address, username and password it wouldn't stop all the people who got banned from making new accounts but it would cut down on it somewhat. Im still amazed by how easy they keep it, every site on the internet seems to have at least a email link verification. Granted most of the problematic people probably have numerous accounts already. Most of the time someone gets banned they come back with a username *insert mods name here*_blows_dick or something dumb. It's like clockwork. The racism is what got me tho.. I don't know why people are hellbent on driving goldenboy away from halo. He brings a lot of energy and helped out a lot with casting on sunday when Maven got sick. I know people who have been IP banned from twitch but you pretty much have to stream something you shouldn't or talk shit directly to twitch staff. So I dont see that happening any time soon.
  6. The hatred of goldenboy for no reason other than he is new to the game and is a known CoD caster was stupid as hell, honestly if I was him I wouldn't want to go back to AGL just because of how the chat was treating him. The dude seems chill why not allow him to learn the game more as he casts, he brings a lot of hype. The people from G4C put out a ton of money and all they ask is for a commercial to be played but that is too much to ask for the twitch chat apparently, forget the fact you are watching a FFA because they (G4C) put up the money for it and got 3-4 teams out there for you to watch. I am not religious but I can spend 30 seconds watching something without ranting and raving about it. Also what the hell is with people copy and pasting ascii art and that stupid walrus thing as soon as one person does it.. It becomes an epidemic once it gets posted once. The chat needed to be on subscriber mode anyways, I dont know if AGL gets any revenue from that but if they do and they did not put it on they need to re-evaluate themselves cause they lost out on money and keeping the chat somewhat peaceful. Edit: twitch also needs to step up their account creation stuff with at least an e-mail verification, the fact a banned person can make a new account in like 5 seconds is stupid.
  7. They are trying to prolong whats left in the life of h4 while they work on the next halo for xbox one, if they came out and said no we are not releasing anything after castle map pack everyone would be mad about that. We should be glad they are even bothering with h4 at this point while they work on whatever they are releasing on the xbone in my opinion. It's just a no win situation with some people I guess.
  8. Im sure you would have to provide some identification to claim your prize
  9. I thought it was great, the listen in thing is a fine line because you get a lot of funny trash talk but at the same time I think it can drive away some newer people.
  10. Yeah that was a huge plus for me in buying an xbox one over a ps4 to begin with.
  11. The forced kinect is a bit lame but as far as people who think it spies on you, most of us have cellphones, facebook pages, web cams, use google, etc.. If someone really wanted to spy on us they could easily do it without kinect. That being said still I think removing it could lower the price point below the ps4 and make ms look like they came to their senses.
  12. Big L the rapper > Terry
  13. Im not sure about this, never been a huge fan of games with mechs. Hopefully they can make the game not play so bulky when in a mech.
  14. State of Decay, It's not a bad game but it gets tedious searching things because it takes about 10 seconds to open loot containers.
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