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  1. They would have to turn up big time on the day to win it, think there are lot of deep rooted issues on that team. My money is on Splyce
  2. gametype itself is actually not that bad it's just a shame the settings reduce it to a tragic AR fest
  3. it's the only halo where mechanics supercede most other traits
  4. Ryanoob is easily one of the most glossed over players in this game, whatever you may say he lacks mechanically he makes up for in smarts/shotcalls
  5. seems to be the recurring theme - game servers for the first few months of this game were near perfect, they've been incredibly inconsistent over the past few months
  6. fucked up the earlier post but yh i'm phlux - been signed up for a while haven't really made the effort to post much but will try do so more in the future!
  7. not surprised to see this, infused were flaming the shit out of epsilon on twitter the week leading up to the event
  8. does anyone know what Spartan shouted across to EG during their series?
  9. I'm from Europe, have played about 40 games of Arena in the past three days and have had very very long search times, and when I eventually do find a game I'm always vs Europeans. Obviously the connection is good, but I'm Champion 9 at the moment so I won't find any games vs Europeans late at night. Is anybody else from Europe experiencing the same problem or is my account just fucked?
  10. yo, i'm phlux - UK player who has been playing competitively for about 6 years. champion arena community is pretty small so some of you may have seen me in playlist sometimes (phlux soars), usually with a euro 4 stack pulling the server from you guys nice to be posting on an active forum since the EU has died a slow death since H4

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