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  1. First let me, define this terms (as i understand them). Because don't know if we are talking about the same thing here. HARD Party restrictions: To4 only can match another To4, To3 + 1 match To3 + 1, To2 match To2, 4 lones match 4 lones. SOFT Party restrictions: Matchmaking try to search for even teams, if not found after a certain time, search for a near even team, if not found after certain time, search for.. (and like that until certain time the search drop party restrictions). I think SOFT restrictions are already in Halo 5? If they are, then still too Soft and need to be hardened. Now, i never said i am against party restrictions.You think i like playing with 3 randoms against a To4? Fuck no.. What i want is SOFT restrictions (not saying it will be perfect), and i don't want HARD restrictions for the following reasons: - Individuals could play A LOT more games in the same time, allowing them to rank faster. - Players in the same playlist could never match each other, even if they are in the same Rank range. - It separate ranks for the above reasons, and you end with meaningless Ranks. - Disincentive players searching as a team, (it will be easier to rank playing alone, and you will find games faster). The complete solution as Batchford said, would be separate playlists.
  2. But then you end you ranks meaning two different things. When you play alone you could be a Champion, but when you play with a team you could be only a high Onyx. Why players will choose to play with Teams if they could achieve higher ranks playing alone? To me it doesn't make sense that way. To solve this, the only option would be separated playlist (and have really accurate ranks): 4v4 Solo, 4v4 TEAM (like H2C clan matches). And what about To2 and To3? Of course 343 can add a playlist for any kind of team combination. For me, the only viable compromise are SOFT restrictions. To be honest i don't remember very well how Halo 3 implemented Party matching, but did not the search expanded after a few minutes? Or it was only the skill ranges?
  3. Agree, and then we need to remember H2A gametypes allowed Snipdown to shine. (Lockout, easy sniping setup, Sanctuary, 2 snipers and open lines).
  4. I agree with most of your post but this. If 343 implement HARD Party restrictions, then you will have high rank individual players who suck as team players and discourage playing as a team (long search times). Right now, the ranking system (in a TEAM playlist) encourage playing with teammates. This is a good thing, players who play on organized teams will climb to higher ranks that players who choose to play alone. I am all for SOFT Party restrictions (ala Halo 3), meaning the system will try to match To4 vs To4, but if not found after a certain time it will expand search to vs To3, then To2, then randoms. I know it sucks getting bad teammates, but we can't expect climbing to high ranks (high Onyx, Champion) if we always play alone in a Team based playlist.
  5. My Dream team to beat CLG (not to be confused with the "Dream" Team with Prototype ) Penguin, Jimbo, Contra, Bubu Dubu
  6. I want the radar removed mostly to save my left stick.
  7. Spartan Charge: Increase sprint time/distance needed.
  8. I tried to leave out all other variables, like aim assist and magnetism. But i agree that magnetism should be reduced not only to the pistol but all rifles.
  9. Edit: Sorry, i see you said RoF. You picked the right option (Other) then, the second option (4sk with faster TTK of all rifles) may or not end being the same RoF of the current 5sk Pistol depeding on how much the TTK needs to be adjusted to kill faster than the rifles.
  10. People really think the combination of Ogre 2 + Ninja could work?
  11. I don't think Vetoed is/could be a Top 8 player (No offense to him.. i love that mic hair :P ) He should try to become a big FFA/mm/warzone streamer like Kampy.
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