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  1. I am currently looking for 3 other onyx tier arena players to play tonight. I was onyx in both slayer and arena last season and looking to do my qualification games tonight. In the past I have always done them solo and placed onyx or high diamond at worst, but I get so annoyed with losing my placements because of quitters and people with terrible connections. add gt: McGavin FPS make sure you send me a msg so i know who you are. I will be on from 6:30 central to about 10 or 11 Thanks.
  2. Bump... will be on from 8am central time all day to run games tomorrow.11/25 sunday. Hmu
  3. Like the title states. I am currently a F/A for the UGC open event in ST. Louis, Oct. 28-30th. I have lots of event experience stemming from Chicago 2006 Halo 2 through Halo Reach in 2012. I took a break due to having my son and needed that to be my main focus but he is older now and playing halo even, so I am back at it! That being said, I am 29, mature adult looking for other mature adult players. No offense to the younger crowd, but at this point I don't have time for lack of practice due to you being grounded. I need players who really have a higher understanding of the game and how spawns and weapon control works. I am very dedicated and know what it takes to make it out as proven in the past. (NO EGO HERE I just know my track record) Anyone that wants to run games and can FOR SURE go to STL please send me a f/r on XBL with a message so I know who you are. GT: Opaque Loud *SIDE NOTE: Players who stream are a huge bonus. I am a sponsored player and with the right amount of streaming and advertising they are willing to sponsor the whole team as they have in the past if the team is worth it! Thanks, Gavin Formerly known as McGavin and Gavin iz wack
  4. Hey all Loudcloud 33 here Like the title states, I am a free agent for all events now through all of 2016. I have lots of event exp starting in Chicago 2006 through Halo Reach in 12. Took a break cause I had a kid and that was my main focus. That being said, I am 28yrs old and looking for mature adult players who really understand the game. I am very dedicated and know what it takes to make it out. Anyone that wants to run games add me on xbox live and send a message so I know who you are. GT: Loudcloud 33 *side note* players that stream and are good with twitch are a HUGE bonus as I have a sponsor that is for sure on me, but will consider sponsoring the whole team as they have before depending on our skill as a team and how much we stream and advertise for their website. See you soon Gavin
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