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  1. Very well done and I can't say I'm at all surprised with the results. It would be interesting to see the separate NA and EU results. Would be sick to see MLG do something in the UK or in Europe.
  2. F/A Player or Coach GT: xL Prsma Coached exceL eSports for Halo World Championship, been playing for 8 years and want to come back to competing after all the hype Worlds gave me!
  3. Oh god yeah, there's always other factors that come into play when team changes happen but in the general sense there's a lot of teams that get a decent placement and rather looking at it like. We have a good team here, we're not that practised compared to others, we all still have great chemestry and get along, we'll stick at it and practise. They just decide, placement wasn't good enough even if you all played well I'm off to find a better team that will have instant success. There are far to many players that have that instant result mindset and it just doesn't cut it. Who knows you could spend 2-3 months as a team practising most nights working on all the bad points of your game and shock everyone. But you'll never know unless you give it a shot.
  4. So myself and others have been saying this for years but nothing ever changes but Jimbo told it how it is in the post match interview after Epsilon's win at Multiplay's Insomnia 57. Here's the clip for you watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdvrV3kFdvE The current Epsilon eSports roster (Jimbo, Snipedrone, BUK 20 and BUK 57) has been together for over a year now, in that time they have not won every event and have not perform at the top of their game at all times. Despite this they have never given up on each other, instead, they have stuck at it and worked on their mistakes and problems. It's this that makes them stand out from the rest, while other teams consistantly swap out players to try and better themselves rather then work at it and boost the teams chemestry. Sure sometimes there are other issues behind team changes but a lot of the time especially in mid/lower tiered teams, there is no real drive to actually work at becoming a better team, instead they want the instant gratification of having a decent roster without having to work at it. Now with the HCS Pro League coming into play, roster locks are going to be a real factor. If you think your team isn't performing the best and you think a player change will make the difference, guess what? You can't make that change, your team will actually have to work things out as a team. So I say this, not only for my sake in my quest to find a team but for everyone.. Spend the time thinking about who you want to team with. Do you get along outside of the game. What is your general chemesty like. Can you realistically see yourself sticking with this group of people. Can you organise yourselves correctly without argument. I'm sure there is much more I can say but these are just the basics. It's now not just a game that is played at a local event where everyone goes to for fun, socialising and the enjoyment. Halo is now becoming a huge eSports title of it's own with real values and professionalism, not to mention some organisations rolling out player/team contracts and salaries. TLDR Teams don't stick together and work on ways to get better they just drop players in the hope that a change will work for the better.
  5. The Elite controller is an official Xbox product so it's allowed. APG was using one at worlds. Not sure what settings he was using though.
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