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  1. So creating a smurf account fixes some of the input lag? Am I reading this right?
  2. I'm 1600-1800 onyx in arena consistently. Im in Cali though so I don't know if you care about that. GT: DoLuu.
  3. I was 1600-1800 onyx in arena consistently. Haven't gotten past plat on the HCS summer pl yet though. West Coast (Cali) GT: DoLuu. I'm interested.
  4. So I just got a pair of Astro A40 TR with the Mixamp Pro from EBay and I'm having some trouble getting things to sound right. My previous headphones was a plantronics rig stereo headset so Im pretty unsure about all of these customizations that are at my disposal now. When I turn the Dolby mode on, it sounds great but it's hard to tell where the sounds are coming from. I'll hear some gunshots that sound like they are right next to me on my left and when I run left there is like he end of the map or something. When I turn Dolby mode off, i have the same problem but it's a little better at the expense of poorer quality sound. Also, when there is a lot of action happening in game my friends have told me that it's a little more difficult to hear me. So my questions to anybody with the mixamp pro really are: 1. Do or did you have these issues and what did you do to fix them? 2. What EQ do you normally play on? 3. Do you play with Dolbe on? (I would really like to leave it on cause the sound is awesome) Any help would be appreciated even if you don't own these but know what the issue might be. Thanks!
  5. Looking for 2 people to play matchmaking to stop getting randoms on our team. Invite DoLuu or Oznem. We're on right now

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