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  1. If you havent seen any of my Jumps and Tricks series click here to see the full playlist. New entry to the Jumps and Tricks series:
  2. Tonight I am hosting an event centered around what the community has done with forge over the past 3 weeks. The stream will start @ 7:30 PM EST and the event will start at 8PM EST Event location The event will be broadcasted on twitch.tv/iParaTV *Note: Stream audio is configured so the stream will hear everything everyone says. On that note i believe it to be necessary to mention that all talkative, nonsensical 12 year olds need not apply. Event Details: If the map author would like to playtest their map during the event they will have precedence to join over whomever else is in the party. I have choosen many maps for the event details on what maps were playing are provided below. I will try to spread out the playlist between action-sack, minigames, and still have plenty of competitive testing so everyone can have fun, get great feedback, and give the community a way to see what amazing things we've done in just the short amount of time using forge.What maps are we testing? Check out a full playlist on the official event page Do you want to help test? Drop your GT in the comments below or on the official event page to get involved with the testing! If the lobby is full be sure to watch the stream for your chance to get in the lobby! Have a map you want to have tested? In the coments below tell me your GT, the name of the map, what gametype to play, and how many players your map supports
  3. Didn't plan on going hard on this video series but I've gotten good feedback so here is number 3! Enjoy
  4. Here's a really quick run-down of some jumps I found at Eden
  5. After finding a lot of really cool jumps on Regret I thought I would do a little video for it. Hope it helps you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwbcQABA6MtgVYUeP6Z1vnQ
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