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  1. I went all kirby (melee) at my local yesterday and I won a few sets including beating a locally ranked player. I'm the next TripleR, y'all better watch out.
  2. I registered for Gen3sis! Hypeeeeeeee
  3. Albinoceros

    NHL Thread

    I'd be down for this.
  4. Brawl is fun to play until you play someone who plays super defensively and abusing the dumb/annoying stuff when I just want to go in all the time (Pika main). I started playing competitively with that game so it holds a special place in my heart. Meanwhile, I got like 10 people coming down to Paragon from my region/college. I can't wait. I haven't really played at all this summer but whatevs, it'll be fun.
  5. I wish Javi would come to more events. He's so good. http://wiki.teamliquid.net/smash/EVO_2015/Singles_Bracket
  6. https://smash.gg/tournament/evo-2015/fantasy/c0825380 Top 8- 1. Goat 2. PPMD 3. Hbox 4. Leffen 5. Armada (He gets into top 8 on losers side and plays flustered on Sunday) 6. Shroomed 7. Plup 8. Javi (Sleeper pick, he played really well at that Forte tournament)
  7. So m2k is going. UPDATE: So m2k isn't going.
  8. Albinoceros

    NHL Thread

    Crazy offseason this year.
  9. Albinoceros

    NHL Thread

    Kings wanted Jones out of the conference and Boston trades him to SJ in the same division. Lol.
  10. Only time I play halo nowadays is split-screen with friends. Truly a disappointment. I've been on the fence. Very little reason to get Halo 5 now with this though. I play solo rarely. I'm in college, split screen is a necessity. If I want to play solo, I would play on the PC for any non-exclusive.
  11. Evo is gonna be ridic. Just wished they had bo5 in all of top 8.
  12. Haven't watched a whole lot of comp Halo recently. Been pretty fun to watch today though. Yeah, I was on mobile earlier and it was really hard to hear the commentators. Fine with headphones on my PC currently.
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