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  1. Will be on this evening and all night to run! Send me a msg and lets get something going!
  2. Bump And sorry, if you're not at least in Onyx, I'm not going to waste my time. Nothing personal, but players that are placed below have a lot to learn.
  3. I've been playing with people, but no one seems to be dedicated and seem to just stop playing or play at their leisure.. That being said I'm probably the most dedicated F/A out there. I play everyday from 430-930 MST (730-1230 EST), and all night Thurs and Sun. I work overnights so that's pretty much my schedule. I've been to events, know a good deal of how the game works, have equipment, can travel, and I'm decent. I'm up for anything, all I ask is that you have some brains, and competitive experience. Hit me up to run please! GT: ohh FuGeri
  4. Still looking. I run with whoever hits me up first! Will be on again this evening + all night..
  5. Will be on this evening to run. HMU
  6. I've been competing and following the scene since Halo 1. I have event exp, have all the equipment, can travel, communicate, know setups, and understand the game very well. I que arena by myself A LOT, which is no bueno. I play really aggressive and would like a team that can keep up the pressure, knows spawns, and how to control power weapons/ups. A team that can play at a high level and build off of that. I'm one of the most dedicated players you'll meet, understanding that we need to grind as a team to get anywhere.. I work overnights so I usually play from 6pm-1130pm MST(8pm-130am EST) everyday, and play all night on my nights off. HMU and lets run some games and see if we mesh. GT: ohh FuGeri
  7. So here's the deal. I've been playing/following/competing off and on since H1. I've been to events, locals, LAN's and have scrimmed/played a lot of the top teams. Have all the equipment(Monitor, Astros, Elite troller), know how to communicate, know the set ups, have a pretty damn good idea of this game, and I'm one dedicated mudda fudda(on pretty much everyday from 6pm-11pm MST(8pm-1am for all you east coasters). I can travel to events. That being said I'm not just going to throw away money to go. I want a team that I'm confident in. I want players of the same caliber. Players that put in the time, work on their individual play, and have the passion. I prefer people with event experience. Don't waste my time, and I won't waste yours. With all that being said, I'm currently a To2 with Sexclusive, or a F/A. HMU to run. My GT is: ohh FuGeri or my team mate Sexclusiv3. Here we go... Again.
  8. I'm not going to even reply to that comment. Bump, still loooooking!!!!
  9. I'm on now!!! Please some decent players!
  10. I will be on to run tomorrow if any of you guys are still looking!
  11. I'm a Free Agent for anything and everything. Looking to get a solid team together to compete. I have event experience and have been playing since H1. Have all the proper equipment, can travel, know callouts and communication etc. I'm on everyday from 8pm-1am EST(I live in Az, but I know majority of you are easterners!) I can play sundays. HMU if you want to run! GT: Ohh FuGeri
  12. Zach the One and I need 2 for anything and everything. We are tired of wasting time on people that don't know how to use teamwork, call out, or have a bad attitutde. So if you haven't been a part of a team, or have been to an even, please move on. It WILL show when we are playing. We both have been to multiple events. We are looking for: -TEAMWORK!!!!!!!!! -People that can play almost everyday from 730 est to about 1 am. -Dedication -Knows call outs -Can play Sundays, and be willing to travel. -NERD STATUS PLZ -Have the basic equipment...(Monitor, Headset) -Can contribute to the team -Willingness to watch film and learn from a loss -EVENT EXPERIENCE IS A MUST!!!!! Basicly we want nerds that want to play everyday and actually try. If you're interested, HIT US UP! I repeat, HIT US UP! GT's: ohh FuGeri Zach the One We do first come first serve.
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