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  1. I dislike the idea of more medals. In H3 a medal meant something. In reach and h4 they serve very little purpose. Getting a medal like Overkill or Killing Frenzy is still great but medals like comeback kill or for killing an enemy while reloading are just stupid. I don't think kinnect voice commands in matchmaking are a good idea. Voice commands in forge/campaign however are a great idea. Either to speed up forging with calling for particular pieces or moving them. And campaign voice commands to tell your marines where to go or what position to take could be pretty good.
  2. You should look into brawl plus. I have it and it runs from homebrew and overwrites things in the game. So it removes random tripping and alters damage values and speeds. Pretty much it make brawl into melee again.
  3. Rolling. It works for Gears and Battlefront (aka 3rd person games) and they might think spartan evade was fun let's replace sprint with it.
  4. If Brad wants the "banter" about him not paying players to stop I have a solution. Pay the players. Pretty sure that will help stop the banter.
  5. I believe what Gandhi said is that it would be either St.Louis or Battlefield Knox. And that it being one of those two locations was set in stone. But as of now it isn't decided upon which of those two locales it would hypothetically be. Hope this clears that up. =)
  6. And the Colts play away next weekend so you can't even go see a football game.
  7. It isn't my first choice, but i mean imagine no bloom no sprint BR starts on h2 and h3 type maps with dedicated servers and 60fps. Could be pretty fun.
  8. I've thought about this and assuming sprint and AA's stay why not make sprint an AA again?? That would make it super easy to take sprint out of competitive. It would also give you a button on the controller to map to something else like dual wielding or not needing the d-pad to change grenades. If I can't have sprint and AA's gone I think this would be the best compromise.
  9. The next Halo game should be Halo 5, not Halo 2 Anniversary.
  10. I'm going to start off by saying I hate the way to rank up in infinity, I think it's wrong, but your rank in infinity is determined by your score. That means going 20-15 will rank you up better than going 10-5. So aggressive statting play is the way to do it. As an fyi Big Team is easier to get a 50 in. I personally would suggest a BR/LR loadout. You still get in a fair amount of close battles in big team so the br will beat the dmr's in big team then when you have a power position light rifle from range. Again, aggressive play and points are what you want.
  11. prob bc h4 is based on team passes sold. why spend 200 bucks to be promised 80 you won't ever get?
  12. i have indeed heard halo for australians is the worst bc americans always pull host over you guys and it sucks for you. i get it. just know the american hatred of foreign hosts stems from us americans getting super awful lag bc columbians and mexicans always pull host over us. 3 out of 4 times it's unplayable.
  13. Solace: play it sidways, block off bottom, block off red base. I've done it, it plays pretty well. No teleporters either. Solace slice at nashville wasn't the best use of that map. Exile: no gauss no tank no beam rifle no incinerator cannon return flags to their original locations Landfall: no rockets, move both flags slightly so neither flag is down low or in a base (I hate when maps have CTF and one team has their flag in a base and the other teams flag is in the open) Pitfall: replace snipers on map at S1 with lightrifles, block off lift and drop down in sword room, move rockets to green hall, place forge pieces at training including banana to allow to jump up as in h3 Daybreak: remove the banshee, it breaks that map Dispatch: change 2x snipers to 1 sniper rifle at gold sticks and move OS to green sticks
  14. Delays are never met with open arms but considering how rushed games have problems that detract from the enjoyment of the game I personally wouldn't mind. Unless they held off till Q4 2015 figuring the christmas rush would be better for sales than a Q1 or Q2 2015 release. That would be unacceptable.
  15. Weapons that you are rewarded for maintaining good aim for the duration of the kill are called automatics and a lot of people hate them =P
  16. Sentinel beam is like the focus rifle of reach but on steroids. The sentinel beam has ridiculous range and accuracy. It just doesn't take a lot of skill to use. IMO a power weapon should have at least some downside or vulnerability and sentinel beam really doesn't. I personally don't think it should be in MM at all less maybe a mini game.
  17. I would honestly be shocked if Gandhi casted another AGL to be honest. Not when other tournaments value his casting enough to pay him for it. Shockwav3 seems like a solid edition solely bc Ghost plays off of his other commentator a lot. Ghost with Gandhi was pretty good so ghost and shock should be alright. I could not stand lan valen's commentating to be honest from before. If it becomes half an hour of valen talking I'm just taking half hour breaks and only watching the matches ghost casts.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't beyond under halo streaming show only streamers streaming halo 4? I used to use beyond to see who was streaming halo and it saved time compared to going to twitch and then searching for halo 4 then streamers. Since a lot of pros are now streaming under Halo 3 on twitch and not Halo 4 I've been unable to find streams I want to see using beyond's site. I just think under halo streams it shouldn't just be h4. I imagine on the cod side it is prob just blops2 streams then as well.
  19. I think we should be thankful for the things the developers do for us. With that said, we should do whatever is more fun for us personally. We shouldn't worry about trying to stay buddy buddy with 343i. I hate the arguments people make that going back to H3 or playing modded no sprint in H4 is like a slap in the face to 343. As a community we can still be respectful and just play whatever the heck we think is the most fun.
  20. I had the idea of amplified being taken out then citadel coming in and it seems everyone else on this topic agree. Citadel TS for Amplified TS. And personally I would say remove a CTF for a bomb gametype, I'll take the ghost mentality and say take out onslaught ctf. I personally like onslaught but of the 4 ctf's it seems to be the least favorite and it is a forge map. Then i'd put bomb in the rotation. Idk what map is best for bomb tho.
  21. I play bumper jumper and I usually play normal, but whenever I'm jetpacking I claw. It takes a while to get uses to clawing but now I can seamlessly transition between clawing and not clawing and I find myself randomly clawing when I use AA's sometimes like TP or especially HL shield. Like whenever I jetpack I always jump and jetpack, so when I jump i slide my fingers into the clawing postion and when I stop jetpacking I usually slide them back to normal unless I'm still shooting someone then I stay clawing.
  22. Valid points, but CE and H3 sniper are obviously harder to use blah blah blah. I've simply just found sniper maps less enjoyable lately. Like I'm usually the one when I play with friends who gets snipe and if you play like pitfall like I have been a lot lately 1v1 sniper just wins. It isn't like even in H3 where you could rush the guy sniping and descope him and he had to hit a clutch body shot no scope switch to br and finish you or headshot you but either way you always had a chance. My point I think would be better worded as it isn't there is SOOO much ammo, the sniper is sooo easy to use and there is always at least one if not 2 snipers on the map at ALL times.
  23. Really? That is indeed interesting. I believe you, I knew the BR had more starting ammo but didn't realize that effect was only off spawn. Either way, with the inability to adjust the ammo amount in ordnances and ordnances still being used it creates a plethora of sniper ammo on most maps. If you get 2 snipers every 2 mins and each has 12 shots it means on map a sniper bullet can be fired 5 seconds. Which imo is wayyyyyyyyy too much sniper ammo.
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