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  1. I live in Nevada but visit Idaho frequently , hmu to game.,
  2. Hey I'm a quality player who is looking to start hosting LANs for west coast players mainly locals from NV, but Washington an Cali an all surrounding states may also come, starting in October will be my first LAN , Groww LANs, hmu @NvSephiroth Ty #positiveHalo h4 Stands Strong.,
  3. Hey there britt, an everyone else posting/reading my name is Sephiroth, I been playing halo for about 9 yrs an playing competitely for 6 , I been to Abt 15 events an have a pro player pass from 2011. Retired for a year to deal with personal family issues , family members passing away an such, anyways I'm currently practicing for AGL 10 will be attending as Victorious the h3 pro team that I'm bringing back to the lime light , it will be me an proverb an a surprise 2 other great players, I'm off work at 9 pm pac. Time if you want I can do great step by step break downs of every map an game type would love to give back to halo hmu , @NVSephiroth , GT - NV Sephiroth #positiveHalo
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