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  1. I strongly agree with this. I don't think Halo will be on any other platforms other than Xbox itself.
  2. I've been observing the community for a while and checking threads out and see all these Halo pro team fans in their signature. I am curious is someone making that or is it off google? I would really like one on my signature if its possible or if someone can help me with this. Thank you (:
  3. Sure, I will add you in a bit my friend. I currently play BO2 right now but I will play H4 again soon
  4. Thanks Saucey (: Looking forward to talking to you more and meeting others as well
  5. Name: Jacey Gamertag: exotikism Games Played: Halo CE, H2, H3, Reach, H4, BO2 Area in California: Bay Area Future Gaming Plans: Attend Local LANs/Hit events if possible
  6. Hello everybody, my name is Jacey (JC for short) but my alias is Exotic. I've been going by that tag name since Halo CE and still with it. I've been playing Halo for quite some time now, got into the competitive gaming around 2008-2009. I never went to an event but I plan to go to experience it. I am 19 y/o. From the Bay Area, California, where some of the Halo pros are located as well. Very chill and respectful person in a community and gaming as well. That's all I can think of at the moment since I did just join here :P aha

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