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  1. Can anyone explain how Gears outlasted Halo 5? (From an esports perspective)

    Correct me if I'm wrong but H5 had more money and a bigger player base to work with right? 

    Also correct me if I'm wrong but the latest Gears tournament had a decent amount of viewers?


    Fuck me - I see this H3 is a breath of fresh air stuff but literally no one watches it, or shows up to play (see Dreamhack Dallas). 

    H5 was a decent game (as much as I complained) but I really feel like settings, maps and content never even got off the ground. 


    What is Gears doing?

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  2. 30 minutes ago, EddyAOS said:

    Many of the tweets in that thread have since been deleted, could you fill us in on the details?


    - I am backing up my teammate, nothing personal

    - bloodshots

    - lethul left us 2 days before roster lock

    Lethul's girlfriend 

    - yall lost so give Tox respect 

    - sorry not sorry #passionate 


    - why the fuck are y'all having a Twitter war


    This is what I remember scrolling through



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  3. Pretty sure if Halo Infinite comes out as a typical AAA studio game, buggy, delayed updates and slow drip content then it will die in a few months just like every COD does, EA title, or Halo since H3. That's just how games work these days. The reemergence of MCC H3 is really not different. It is just for the die hard Halo fans. 

    Obviously Fortnite leads the pack in keeping the hype alive, but even other games like R6 stay healthy and dare I say PUBG even has appeared to carve out its nitch in the highly competitive BR market. I'm obviously preaching to the choir here, but if Infinite is just a regular release, hopefully it is fun for the Halo fans but it is not attracting anyone new. I really hope Microsoft isn't going to simply use the name to sell a few extra Xbox's, controllers and run some adds but actually give us a living and growing game.

    Which leads me to something that I haven't seen brought up here. The timing between Infinite release rumors and the new Xbox release rumors. They all seem to be looking at 2020. I just don't see how this can play out well, but we'll see.  

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  4. I try to remain optimistic but 343 moves at a snail's pace and usually in the wrong direction.


    I am sure they are all nice people but the company itself cannot make changes quickly enough or choose the right ones - here's hoping for the best.


    BTW I don't who has watched Shottzy stream COD but I'm a believer that he is going to be next level at it. I don't know as a team how they'll do but his movement and shot is something that stands out compared to other COD pro's streams I've watched.

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    I'm not claiming these guys were completely washed or sucked, but as the game progressed, some pros did lose interest, but the game passed by a lot of them as well. There wasn't a single Pro who has retired this year who retired on top, that I can remember anyways.


    I hear yeah, and this is where things are just a matter of perception/opinion


    To the original question of who will carry on to Infinite or who will step up - All I'm saying is that the majority of the H3 guys that fell off from H5 had the talent to succeed in H5 if they actually liked the game.


    I remember Heinz jumping into a Custom Plaza Game with his team and screwing around and someone suggested they work on jumps and Heinz literally said he didn't want to. I just think that if people like Heinz liked the game enough to care they would be just fine and overall do just fine against any of the young guys. 


    So to answer the original question - I think whoever carries on from H5 to do well in Infinite is going to be any of these current top guys and the old guys - if they actually like the game enough to grind it to mastery. 

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  6. A lot of older players from H3 and up were top talent in H5 but simply got tired of H5 and had other things in life going on. I understand the argument that if they were really good they would have stayed because they enjoyed the success but I feel like this list that the list above has a lot of players that were top 6 and top 8 caliber but just didn't enjoy the game that much or how the events and teams were being run. Now they are replaced by new talent but I really don't think the new talent is that much better than them if at all individually - mentally they were just brain dead from H5. 


    Remember old Optic with Maniac and Flamesword? They got regulated and those two were obviously not that thrilled with the game, however, they managed to beat any of the incoming ams trying to take their spot.  

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  7. Good for Exc dropping Ace. I don't know much about Arctic but Bubu and Demon D really want to get over the top 6 hump and Ace just doesn't have the slaying power to hang and do it. If you look at the teams in front of them, they don't have a utility and assist guy like Ace, and they are essentially all teams of slaying monsters (notice how even Pistola is laying down the kills lately). 


    That being said, it seems like a strange move if indeed ATL is the last H5 event.

  8. Snip.

    Someone speaking god's truth instead of the simple whining. I don't understand the need for 2 ranks either, one hidden and the other apparently inaccurate. I will literally get the w against a champ and not move up.


    I also personally feel that more needs to be weighted on a win. In Arena against high diamonds and up, unless your pro, you aren't going to be dropping COD numbers. You'll go 13 and 12 with 10 assists and some objective (some of which cannot be measured) and it seems like Menke's system is like eh.


    But I'm no doctor

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  9. Teams like eUnited went pro playing through the open bracket. In terms of halo, teams like str8 rippin wouldnt even get to make pool play and compete vs pros. These ams who come out of open bracket get the chance to play 3 or 4 pro teams, and they can use that to get better at the game. Now they dont have a chance at all to play vs pros. They are gonna have to practice am players and they wont improve because they will develop bad habits that will get punished if a pro team decided to try them out.


    Fair enough, I don't know anything about eUnited's team. 


    I do know in Halo that watching pros 3-0 curb stomp Am teams is not very viewer friendly and that the current 2k's for Ams are litteraly round 2 get stomped by a pro team. 


    I don't really feel like these beatings are really practice, also any team out of the current top 4 cannot get a scrim with a top 4 team - see Str8t, Naded's team and the old Lux gaming squad so I just don't really buy that part of your statement.


    Given the current format for COD I see nothing really changing with pro and Am relations if they are anything like Halo where the pros are an exclusive click and you get into as an Am by a combination of factors, namely: (a) your skill stands out among top ams (b) you don't have a dumbass am mentality. 


    Like they said in the reveal, there are rarely Cinderella stories, and ams get burried in the open bracket while a few get the opportunity to get 3-0'd. To me this is a great chance to build up the other 80 percent of your competitive base and give them some spotlight and incentive to represent and grow your game. If eUnited was the one Cinderella story that's cool, but I think this will be a better play. 

  10. Increase the prize money but split it into an extra piece and give some to am players. Don't allow ams to play vs pros so they dont get as good of practice and have a smaller chance of going pro. Have less events than last season. IMO it looks rough and people are going to glorify it until the middle of the season just like ww2.


    I think the AM thing is a good idea. Just how does it mean less practice for ams or less chance they go pro in your mind?


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