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  1. Can the Rig not be a good oddball map? Is it just the spawns?
  2. Yeah I have never really had a problem with ground pound. It is usually a sure fire way to die if used offensively and is mostly used for staying alive in a pinch or not falling off the map. Spartan charge on the other hand is a shit show
  3. Yeah, head shots on a sparkling camo boy are nearly impossible for some reason
  4. Nah man, you can tell us the truth... you've been too busy playing Halo Online
  5. Played Riptide last night in Slayer - it is beyond me that map ever got out My early attempts at getting into blue room were comical enough for YT if Halo was actually popular enough for YT. I was killed in every combination possible. - Sniped multiple times from the guy who camps looking wind tunnel - Melted by the guy who waits at the back door with Storm rife and crouches - Comboed going bottom mid - What really took the cake was sprinting to an empty blue room on the cat walk by sniper spawn, hearing the hydra go off behind me from stage and those fuckers followed me into blue and killed me and was at once controlled by the enemy Like how the hell do you make a map like Coli and then Riptide?
  6. I feel yeah, but Coli, Plaza and Fathom are really good (Fathom needs some help of course) for out of the box fresh maps I was impressed 3 years ago - Just giving credit where credit is due But then we haven't gotten shit since then and nothing to help the Fathom stand offs - Just taking the usual dump on 343
  7. It's easy for people on the internet to say who don't understand the process and how this actually works - 343 On another note - I played extermination again last night for the first time in forever and damn that was fun and one of those forge maps was crazy good looking. I cannot remember the name but it was dark and raining, circular with a giant lift in the middle. What was the reason that extermination is not a HCS game type?
  8. I stand corrected... Don't blame you either Congrats on the FFA btw
  9. Frame rate/Glitches the usual idk I remember him posting on here that it was a no go
  10. Sounds like Microsoft/343 need to write another doctoral thesis on this
  11. Tashi's tweet seems to refer to Strongside as that crazy grandpa who's dealing with old age mental loss (obviously that's just me, but it is the tone I read it in lol)
  12. You could of just said, "he got a girlfriend and moved in with her." Because that's what happened
  13. 2 positives from that Waypoint post: 1) They did say that they will try to partner with Eldewrito 2) This is Microsoft not 343
  14. Shooting from the hip here but let's say Microsoft pushes their play anywhere thing with Windows 10 and Xbox One, however, for competitive Halo they require a controller? This way you can play it from your pc or xbox one but it is a level playing field. So wins for Microsoft - Play Anywhere agenda pushes forward - Sell more elite controllers The Halo community wins because you get a bigger platform and you keep the console feel of the game? Of course the mouse keyboard people will rise up in protest but it is just a thought
  15. Honestly, you just see the "hate" because of the fall out with Optic and the cool story of TOX and Beyond and all
  16. No you're not wrong... until the xbox one x 2.0 boasts of playing games over 60 fps it doesn't matter.
  17. 1) probably want to bump up to a 24 inch screen 2) Do you have an x or want to get an x? If so I would recommend wait until they add 1440p support and then find a good 24inch screen that's 1440p. Just because 24in is kinda the gold standard for competitive gaming. If you want to run 4k with the x then you'll have to run a 27in screen. But it's all personal preference. If you just have the One S and like competitive Halo just get the Benq 24 RL2455, it's the go to monitor for console esports and its solid. You're probably overpaying for brand advertising but only by $20 bucks. No difference between hdmi and dvi when it comes to console and 60 hertz monitors.
  18. Saw that the FFA winner for my region going to Seattle was the dude that shit on me at my store tourney... made me feel a little better
  19. Pretty much, but they also know what's up when it comes to spawns and game sense A few Ninja and Commonly teams tried to play at this speed year one in H5 and got shit on by CLG, but they also just made really dumb plays. Hell even the OG Splyce with Bubu and Shooter played like this. But now there is a real method to Splyce's madness, and look at how slow they played with camo at times.

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