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  1. Reading Mikwen's posts make me wish I was an old rich dude with a spare $10,000 laying around
  2. Good God it took them this long... 3 years of blog posts and smart remarks about why things are the way they are and then they change it
  3. This must be why I spawn, start running towards the ball and then start getting shot from behind by a newly spawned player.
  4. 2020 yes, but if the game works there is no point bitching. We wont know if the game works until it is released, therefore everyone quit your bitching.
  5. Three things 1) H4 and H5 have similar style so that's not good when considering the outcome of H6 2) The internet is plastered with meme's and rants about 343's art style. Even the more 343 friendly Halo Reddit. Maybe, just maybe they take notice? 3) H2A had good art style That is 2 positives vs one negative - So good art style in H6 confirmed
  6. You might already be thinking this, but it's more up to the head of 343 and their heads at Microsoft. They dictate the time and resources and in console gaming the trend seems to be hype up a game, live off the first few months of sales and start working on something else. Whoever at the top that decided to go back and do the MCC right, hopefully this guy is still around and he gives me hope.
  7. Yeah I don't really understand the bitching, nor have I seen any details for said bitching. The oddball gametypes can seem a little mindless and frantic like Empire Strongholds but that is just H5 I think. Sanctuary will probably be a nightmare to play against a really good team that will fly at you and slay you out and setup for the next spawn and round of kills within 3 seconds... but once again that is just H5.
  8. Ogre2's face man, looks like a lot of Halo under those eyes
  9. Any external drive does work - don't think you can allocate space though as it simply formats the whole thing to xbox whenever it is plugged into the xbox, not 100% here though.
  10. Dude the market is screaming and begging for a good fps it's beyond me. What makes it worse is H5 could have been that game but sadly little things like blank head shots and UI to huge things like lack of maps and content/updates left this thing in a sea of mediocrity.
  11. Honestly, and this is just pure opinion but something that I have been thinking about since COD WWII and the rise of R6. I think the days of console and esports are limited unless there is a better product out there. People that invest a grand or so in a PC setup are obviously going to tend to be more dedicated to gaming and esports. If you click around on reddit and xbox subs you see a lot 55inch tv and surround setups, or "Assassins Creed looks beautiful on Xbox One X", and I feel like this is the majority of console gamers and they could care less about esports. Like I said, I don't have some huge statistical argument, this is just a feeling. Consoles are simply turning into living room casual entertainment and big Orgs are moving out for a reason... probably because the data I referenced as not having they sure as shit do.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Beyerdynamic-990-PRO-Studio-Headphones/dp/B0011UB9CQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526846410&sr=8-3&keywords=beyerdynamic+dt990+pro
  13. Not sure if you're just trying to get Ninja's name in here for a joke, but if serious: Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO They're pretty good, open back big sound stage meant for music but good for gaming
  14. Just watched the COD BR release vid and that could deff be lit and the reason why they had 3 years and couldn't push a story out
  15. Arglactable brings back the worst memories of undergrad philosophy students In other news - Thank god for some HCS news, hopefully they'll give us a date they'll update the playlist
  16. Damn this off season is one for the ages - To answer someone that got lost in the Multi shuffle but too lazy to go back, I don't think they announced a timeline for when they're adding the two new maps into the MM playlist. However, that leads to some actual Halo thoughts of my own 1) Are both these maps for oddball? 2) Isn't oddball broken because of spawns so what makes these maps any different? 3) If oddball is generally fine than why don't we have Oddball Rig? 4) Will 343 touch up these maps themselves to make them look prettier? Anyone can touch on these instead of the pseudo intellectual examination of life's meaning and purpose, but I wont hold my breath.
  17. One thing is certain: If 343 hadn't revoked their offer to Multi, they'd fired him in 3 months anyways
  18. should of thrown a at the end man. I don't doubt your intentions and your philosophy, though reading your posts I can see how you rub some people wrong, everyone rubs someone out there wrong one way or another.
  19. "You're not wrong man, you're just an asshole" - The Dude

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