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  1. We had 20 people turn out at my Dallas store. They did 4 rounds of 5 in a lobby to get through everyone at first. The guy that runs them is really nice, consistent and helpful and said with a turnout like that they'll be doing something Halo once a month for sure. Out of 20 people there were maybe 4-5 people who had a shot at wining the thing including myself but I had a bad Truth game and my friend won. Lots of fun though.
  2. Shit you might be right because I saw some tweet about claim being asleep but didn't put two and two together
  3. Speaking of motivation. Anyone notice Claim, Munoz, Babyj and King Nick got 3-0'd in the first round by some randoms?
  4. When I first saw it I thought clickbait too but yeah the whole thinking that Drake was looking for exposure to me is pretty telling of Ninja... I mean we are comparing 3 million twitter followers to 37 million. Then again why do I care if Ninja has an inflated sense of self I guess.
  5. Eden - Well it is a rectangle so if the ball is in blue you spawn red and have to run the gauntlet past elevated power positions for quite sometime. Also let's say you spawn red outside, you have the chance of bad guys either spawning just to your left at red plat, or if you get in a fight half way to the ball and blue base you might get spawned behind. Anything else I'm missing? Echelon - Besides getting out slayed by a better team locking down top lift, what are people's gripes with this Oddball map? Fissure - Kind of like Echelon, this maps plays well enough to me. It just has fewer random flank pathways than Echelon and in a way is a very simple map that requires basic team execution to win outside of the gamble to leave setup for OS.
  6. Used to run MM with Envore when the game first came out. He would carry the fuck out of the team and tell us he wanted to go pro and no one believed him lol
  7. I only had 2 buttons put in so cannot help much with the 4 button question. My 2 buttons are placed as far up as they'll go and when I grip my controller the tips of my middle fingers reach them perfectly. I think Scuff's and Elites would be okay if they just used the One S bumpers, too me stick drift is rare, but everyone's bumper falls off if they game consistently. I'm sure if they make an Elite 2.0 it will use the One S build, Scuff seems pretty focused on PS4 controllers right now so I wouldn't expect much change from them.
  8. Neither - Go Battle Beaver They use the One S controller and so it has the upgraded bumpers, this is the biggest reason. A few subjective reasons - They're a small business that gives a shit about their customers - I grip my controller pretty hard and the position of their buttons let me do this unlike the Scuff or Elite - Only company that offers stick tension if you're into that
  9. Hmmm yeah I don't know that's crazy. I have trouble watching COD because people line up on a doorway, someone comes through that doorway and they squeeze their trigger... then die
  10. So what happened to the idea of the semi and finals being played later and broadcasted?
  11. Team of 4 looking to another team to run scrims against. Hit me up here of Xbox GT: PD and chill
  12. Yes, but Tashi did tweet back at someone a week ago saying "soon"... so not total radio silence.
  13. Fortnite has to be killing their casual community, but then again the casual community is not watching MLG events either so idk
  14. Anyone notice the amount of empty seats during the grand finals of the COD event?
  15. So I was bored at work and was poking around different orgs websites and what is up with Reciprocity? They only have a Halo team and are well funded? Does anyone know their story?
  16. H6 was probably halfway done and it was H5 2.0 and someone stepped in and made a splash
  17. So on the topic of orgs, how does a little org make money or even break even? Like take any of the 100 random orgs you see at a COD event... they're not going to place in the money, and any content online is not going to get near enough views to even cover one nights stay for the team at a hotel. So am I missing something or are all these little orgs just bleeding cash until its gone and then another one will take its place?

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