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  1. Here's something I've been thinking of since the MCC update and the Twitter conversations I've been reading. How many H3 guys still make up top 8 H5 teams? Just thinking about it I'd guess maybe half of them? To me the number of H5 kids is growing and they are more than likely pro advanced movement in some way.
  2. The new ranking might be more accurate but deff sucks as far as motivating goes
  3. Fuck all the haters H5 is fun to watch If only we had got rid of AR's and all the trash things like - Splinters - OG Radar - Spartan Charge - Ground Pound Kept MLG and didn't trip over ourselves in promotion we would be sooooooo better off right now
  4. So this recent rehashing of content made me think of different ways to get Halo players out there and something that came into my mind was Jeter's page The Players Tribune. Anyone have any thoughts on something like this for Halo players (or any game for that matter)? Think about how gaming communities cling and thirst for some of the tiniest bits of info about their favorite players. Different websites do some player spotlights but they're few and far between. Remember when TB would do the player interviews? I think it would be cool to have a simple site like Jeter's to read players stories that we watch on screen 6 times out of the year. A lot of the Ams could also have a place on something like this to tell their story. Go look at twitter - all these Ams are crazy and thirsty as hell but don't seem to know what to really do with it. I bet you there is content there.
  5. My 2 cents on Ogre2 and the community I'm sure a lot of those guys back in the day were not self aware of the rise of competitive gaming. The day 1 guys started so small. Competitive Halo was just a thing among friends with no crowds to speak of. I think for the longest time that mindset didn't evolve as the scene did. Winning events and talking shit with the same group of 20 or so friends was what it was about. Walshy and T2 were able to see past the moment.
  6. They currently remind me of EG after Lethul left. A team that simply doesn't work. Did anyone notice Frosty in Snipedown's chat saying to pick up Bound?
  7. Anyone from Dallas/Ft Worth on here? Been thinking how I have the space and the equipment to run a dubs tournament pretty easily... any interest in that sort of thing?
  8. The Ninja thing is not surprising, I mean these guys are his friends. The Halo community is small and the events and the grind is what these guys lives revolve around for years.
  9. Some things I have been thinking about concerning Lux leaving the scene. 1) I miss the pro league. Like yes ESL was terrible and the pro league had its problems, but I miss it. Things like the pro league did provide weekly content and face time for orgs and we don't have that now. I guess we could have the last part of the 2k's streamed instead but apparently not. 2) But pros don't need to rely on a league or tournaments for content. They can provide their own and this would attract orgs in and of itself. Think of Ninja before he was bigger than Drake . He attracted orgs just because he would have 500 plus people watching him stream. 3) But then I think of how much of a desert H5 is and don't blame the pros for not putting out content... But is content really game play these days?
  10. If you want to know what a Halo 5 type game on PC would look like go watch some old Dr. Lupo Destiny clips. Insanely fast, precise and twitchy head shots and movement. Not sure what the arguments are being made here (if any) but mouse keyboard shooter is going to be very precise and wippy at a high level no matter what you do and it will simply look much different than a console game.
  11. Couldn't be any worse than Refuge when 1 team has both snipers
  12. Honestly disagree if you're saying that everyone has almost equal shot prowess. Watch Snakebite miss shots and drop really low accuracy in WBF and then turn it up in the grand finals. Also Shooter and Rayne took turns having shaky games shot wise in NOLA but they both made up for it with sniper and Musa going beastmode. Shaky pistol shots I think determine a lot with confidence and pushes from both sides and thus the W
  13. Just my opinion of watching the games Sunday as they happened and haven't watched any replays but Lethul always lost his 1v1's and I watched Stellur constantly push Lethul in a straight line with no hesitation when Lethul was by himself and Stellur won every time. Conversely, I remember strongholds Eden and Snakebite was solo capping blue bend and Eco was in blue base exchanging shots with him but Eco was for damn sure not going to press Snakebite in a 1v1. A Neptune would not work, that would be a gun skill upgrade but not game sense. Like I said, I don't know who could replace Lethul's feel for the game while upgrading his gun skill but that is what they need.
  14. Unpopular opinion but I think Lethul is a change TOX would need to make if they want to hang with Splyce... Who they would change him out for I have no idea
  15. Yeah just saw this, their strength was actually sticking together... They aren't going to find the magic bullet out there
  16. Some guy running the Microsoft booth at NOLA said word on the street next Halo is stripped down with just sprint and clamor... pretty sure he had no idea what he was talking about but interesting to hear what Microsoft store employees had to say.
  17. This, and I even noticed this in MM. Too many times a team would go on a run early in the game (maybe control the first two rounds of powerups) and you are mathematically out of the game with 3 min to go. 150 is fine. What was the deal with LUX? Did they play a few GB ladder games that were allegedly tossed to put them over Trifecta?
  18. Something is wrong with Snakebite... last 3 games super negative with sub 50% accuracy less than 1500 damage. You also see him flying solo at people it's crazy.
  19. Last night the MLG staff was downloading MCC on a row of the open bracket xboxes... we'll see what today brings?
  20. A few things mid sat - feel bad for ryannoob, spartan too addyed. GL ryan, Spartan literally has hips. - bubu dubu has a little bro Clay who is fucking insane at FFA. He beat Fazel1 like he was bad. Dropping almost 70 percent accuracy both games I watched. - Did the stream show Frosty enabling assassinations yesterday again Fable?
  21. Just checking in with you guys. 1st event I've been to or played in. 1 - open bracket was small, fast and filled with a lot of good teams. Holy shit. We got some good games but also some addy ass kickings. 2 - The venue is nice, well run and there are not many people here. Hopefully it will pick up tomorrow. 3- the gears crowd is about the same size as Halo 4 - Takedown is not that bad... he's an average bracket am actually. 5 - royal 2 doesn't move anything besides his fingers when playing. 6 - rob the turtle is annoying. 7 - blaze talks shit when he's 10 kills down. 8 - the best upset of the day was Legion getting knocked by some people I never hear of... mr. Alpha?

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