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  1. Payed for by their orgs right? I don't think Activision has everyone in their league on salary.
  2. It's simple supply and demand. I understand all the work you guys put into it but there are a lot more than 16 people in the world of Halo that play as much as you guys do and are devoted to getting better. The cutoff has to happen somewhere and the demand for halo is just not that much right now, and so there is going to be a lot of left over supply... Look at all the millions of youtube channels and twitch streams, its not like all the unsuccessful ones are so because they aren't devoted or working hard enough... No, some are really good quality but will never see money or recognition. Why? Because there is only so much demand and a whole lot of supply.
  3. This But real talk, as I already said, all these "pros" living in fear of being in the challenger league would just be getting 3-0 swept by teams like CLG, EG and probably Renegades... All this whining is for green titles and brags and they need to shut the hell up and get good because there are only 8 spots.
  4. There is no perfect number of teams in the pro league. There will always be someone on the outside looking in thinking they're better than that those on the inside, and super jelly. So what if a lot of "pros" are playing in the challenger bracket? If the pro league was 20 teams these guys would still be getting 3-0 swept by EG, CLG and Renegades at the tournaments so that doesn't really matter, all that they're mad about and all that matters to them is putting "pro" in their title. This kinda reminds me of the college football playoffs and teams 5 and 6 wanting to expand it, and 7-8 wanting to expand and so on.
  5. Yeah I mean I see where he's coming from kind of, but he's butt hurt. There are obviously some kids grinding MM that are sick and individually just as good as anyone in the game, but getting along with 3 other guys and playing together at the highest level is much harder than getting champ whatever in arena. I'll use Commonly for example, I'm guessing he's a pretty likeable guy because even though he didn't fit with EG they still seemed to like him at a personal level and Ninja acts like he's Commonly's older brother. So sure Commonly is good and this got him noticed but I guarantee you his personality and ability to fit with a team of pros gave him the edge of being picked up at the pro level. So yeah he's butt hurt but "who you know" does influence the process, but think about the reason you know those people in the first place. Think about your own personal experiences in MM playing with kids that might be better than you (numbers wise) however, are annoying as hell to play with on a daily basis.
  6. Okay, now that I've had time to watch the video I would like to say damn major props to you now here are a few things I would question. - You talked about a faster time to kill increasing the skill gap. Now obviously everything in moderation because that statement alone means that COD or SWAT must have the biggest skill gap, and this is simply not the case as these games are based on who has the fastest twitch reaction or out head glitch camp the enemy. Now in the opposite extreme (if I understand you correctly) you're arguing that with the longer time to kill two lesser skilled players will team shoot a more skilled player to death while staying alive because of the long time to kill. If this is what you're saying and this is problem for you in all the other halos but CE this seems to be a difficult balance that could be argued in either direction. A longer time to kill can also increase the skill gap because the more skilled player can stay alive longer to kill one enemy and then out strafe the other one and killing him even though he shield was dropped - to me this has been a key component of Halo since at least H3 (as this was the first one I played). If you had a short time to kill it seems like if you can up against two players, you'd drop one and die from the second one no matter how skill you were. This would create the competitive COD scene we see today, spawn trade, spawn trade etc. A longer time to kill can also be argued to increase map movement while if you die fast you'd be less likely to poke your head out - (Try playing at champion level swat in H5 lol). So I imagine your response to these types of arguments is the CE has the perfect balance of time to kill: Not 2 shots, not 4 shots but 3 shots. I've got no place to really argue against this because I haven't played much of the game but I do know that fast paced trading kills is not my favorite and that I like the time to kill in H5, but that's just my opinion.
  7. You're right but it was my first Halo and compared to DMR bloom it felt amazing
  8. So I haven't watched the whole video because my wife is in labor with our second son. However, I'd consider myself an H5 fanboy gameplaywise. Began playing Halo with H3 and fell in love. Hated Reach, hated H4 and fully expected to hate H5 (largely because of movement abilities) and go the pc and cs:go route but I now have 11 freaking days (over 2,000 games) of H5 played and I cannot get enough. The quickest way I can explain my love for H3 and H5 is that when I die I don't think "What the hell was that?" Instead I have an understanding of what just happened and that it was my fault/lack of skill that caused my death and I can get better. Like in Reach if someone jetpacked up in the air with rockets and rained them down on me, or armor locked, or dmr bloom screwed me I got this "what the hell?" feeling and this feeling does nothing in the way of motivating me to continue to play to get better because no matter how much better I got armor lock, jetpacks and dmr bloom would still screw me. Here comes H5 with a bunch of new additions I thought would give me that "what the hell?" feeling and yet when someone ducks lefts, ducks right, jumps and reverse boosts while delivering a 5 shot to my head I don't say "what the hell?" I think "damn that kid's pretty sick, I need to do that next time."
  9. Keyboard warriors annoy me, or more people that change their personality simply because of a screen... You're trolling abilities are not all that cute or funny when you change up arena and custom games without even a word to the pros of which promote and keep your game alive. I say this because various pros talked about how 343 has approached them with different ideas for the league and then they flipped out when the update happened so I'm guessing 343 (Quin) decided not to tell them during these talks. Pros obviously want to have a say in what happens with the multiplayer here but this guy does his best to ask for help on twitter and than troll the crap out of any of the responses (obviously there are a lot of dumb responses too). Ninja and him have trolled back and forth a lot but I remember one time (to lazy to track down the actual tweet) where Ninja basically asked seriously how can I best talk to you? That has to be frustrating.
  10. From my brief scrolls through Quinn's twitter he must be a much different person when he's not behind a keyboard or that guy would be out of a job, all he does is troll and troll the trolls
  11. Cool thanks, so I guess twitter was trolling about the Coliseum slayer and ctf being changed too, (I haven't had a chance to play since the update). I understand the pros frustration about custom games though, I guess my only complaint is that 343 couldn't give them a heads up. Just seems stupid not to.
  12. So what's up with Quin? I just scanned through his twitter and it seemed like he was saying no HCS game type was changed except Strongholds on the Rig. Someone tweeted then why is Coliseum all fucked up? He replied saying Coliseum assault was different but not CTF. Again, someone tweets, no CTF is changed to. No response from Quin... Like what the hell? Is this what everyone is raging about on here. I understand rolling out some changes, good or bad, but the lack of communication is ridiculous.
  13. In the past year I've gotten use to this. Go Rangers! Even though Tolley just blew it
  14. You're right, I just feel so damn old at 25 I guess and the hip world has past me by. The way I feel about half of optic's "content" is how I feel about the Kardashians, I just don't understand the appeal of watching some kid talk about cleaning up his room, shopping or dumping water on a sleeping roommate... Obviously I'm in the minority because optic is huge. At the same time, though the halo community is small in comparison to cod do I really want halo to have the business of the cod kids that a) I don't understand 2) annoy the hell out of me? It's a tough one for me lol
  15. Did you capitalize quality to show you're being sarcastic? I hope so. I cannot stand his youtube, "Hey guys, Maniac here. It's just team optic going to the grocery store and let's see what we got. Hmmm some mustard, a little deli meat..." Like what the hell am I watching?
  16. Isn't there a russian guy playing cs:go for an american team? I don't watch or keep up with it but a reliable friend told me this.
  17. I posted the idea of an HCS playlist on halo reddit and instantly got flamed. I don't even begin to understand what 343's thought process is behind the playlists. The population must be super small and they live in fear of splitting it, I don't know. At least give us a veto option, than a team of 4 could vote their way to HCS only maps.
  18. Naw Riptide would be terrible because you could just take the ball into blue room and gun the enemy down like dogs in wind tunnel or storm rifle anyone trying to get through dunes/catwalk lol. As much as I hate overgrowth, strongholds does well on it and makes the map good.
  19. This. I don't know much but after watching way too many hours of twitch I personally (keyword here) think that no one knows this game more inside and out than Naded. Just watching him pub stomp solo is a thing of beauty, no one moves with as much quickness or intention as he does. Royal 2 is arguably the best player in halo 5 but when I watch him run solo he gets stomped on sometimes, gets pissed and will go play warzone. Naded just needs some chemistry like CLG has and we'd be talking about him a lot more I think.
  20. I think we need more beginner stuff to build a community and then focus on the more in depth things. If you don't have a friend who plays halo and just buy the game because you have a box and it is an exclusive or see the HWC, I highly doubt you'd stick around for longer than your placement games. For example, I got a free code for GOW but I have never played it and none of my friends play it. I tried for a few days but just got wrecked and have no clue what I'm doing. This is not fun and I'll probably not be playing it. By all accounts the games player base seems to be dead and the only people that play it are die hard fans who played it back in the day. Now it is just speculation but it seems to me that H5 is not dead but it is very small and the majority of players are diehard fans who played it back in the day. If we want Halo to grow to the point where there is an audience for in depth content (look how small the views and subs are for people like towey, luke the notable, proximity tiberius etc are) we need to make a difficult game accessible to a new generation of players by producing beginner content. COD is not a difficult game for example and thus weekend warriors can access it and have fun with mild success and its population shows this. (Go look at a million plus sub cod channels like driftor and tmartn). Any weekend warrior running in a straight line at an enemy with his AR spraying because he has never played Halo will not be playing Halo for long. I feel like the majority of people playing H5 everyday are mid 20's like me who enjoyed the old Halos and thus understand the basics of how Halo works. I truly hope there is a generation behind us but I doubt it.

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