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  1. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Menked Just going to leave this here
  2. Eh you guys are probably just throwing the word teamwork out there which is a very wide open term and yet everyone has a very narrow idea of what they mean in their own head. My two cents - Splyce have excellent teamwork when it comes to instinctual, buddy system, team of 2 slaying. The bait and switches, angles, and cross map help can be the best in the world and it can no doubt win tournaments. When they spanked everyone at Oddball at NOLA to me it was because of the pure team of 2 slaying power they had roaming across the map like this. They somehow got rattled in that second best of 7 in London and the instinctual feel they have for slaying simply disappeared. Renegade especially was just constantly dying. It is not like he doesn't normally fly out and expose himself like that most games, it is just this time he was dying doing it. Why? I'm sure there are numerous reasons, anything from a missed call, pissed off mentality, to a Frosty no-scope that is hard to account for, It is just how H5 goes.
  3. Any predictions for the 2019 season? Tashi said on twitter they'll make an announcement soon because they don't want to keep everyone in limbo. I think they'll do H3. Probably do some online H3 stuff and Microsoft store tournaments and then have a big open LAN finals that is more like a Halo festival and call it done until an infinite beta - hopefully late 2019? I just cannot imagine them doing H2A because they simply have already done that most recently and there are no maps. What about the forge hub competitions? This is 343 we are talking about, they don't move that fast. I also cannot imagine having a big H3 series with at least 3 LANs because it is an old game and though everyone is getting pumped for the ATL 2v2 and a giant 4v4 LAN would get a lot of hype for the moment from a business standpoint it would be just a nostalgic, inclusive party, for people already drawn to the franchise and accomplish nothing. (It can be argued that Halo 5 events are already an inclusive party because there are literally less than 200 people in the world who attend events to play or even want to and Microsoft is just giving Tox and Splyce money for little reason but this is another story.) Honestly, I don't like the idea of going backwards personally. You can breath life into H5 if you wanted to, but that is another story as well.
  4. For sure Stellur was feeling it, Eco too just because of his personality. Renegade it is hard to tell if there is anything going on in his head
  5. Reality didn't make his flight because of the hurricane... Queso is filling in
  6. For sure, the player stuff was A++++++ and if anyone complains about that they're stupid. I think that what some of us found boring was the pre and post match dragging on because they're always "Well it's going to be a good match up." 3-0 "Well it was a good match up but ---- couldn't pull through. When this talk goes on for more than 5 min everyone has tuned out. Obviously, nothing is perfect and you guys have put in a lot of time and effort bringing us interviews and behind the scenes stuff with the players that has never been done before and that is badass and we thank you. Just in a perfect world I think we could have that, quick intros and recaps of the 3-0's WHILE cutting to a second stage match up.
  7. The down time in between games is mind numbing. I love all the pre-made content they have prepared but the rambling desk footage that is live has to go. If they had a b stream to cut too.... would be nice.
  8. Honestly think the guys really do love Halo just like we all do - They're also just kinda dumb and don't know what they're doing and probably not exactly what you would call character guys. I saw them roaming around NOLA and they talked to a teammate about how the he needs to sign up for North Texas and what not. It's not like they're trying to get rich and scam, because it is Halo 5. They just make terrible decisions and dig themselves deeper with ego - kinda like Halo Ams
  9. Denying the view botting is crazy. This fact alone would cause me never to never trust or take the guy seriously and make me think he's either a liar or delusional. It's like when you meet a random mm kid on H5 that says he beats pros all the time but cannot get on a team because it is all political.
  10. Anybody catch the HCS podcast today discussing the shade of the PBL?
  11. Nah lol though sure we all miss. I usually notice it when someone has their back turned and you obviously have time and aim on their center mass. The first shot simply doesn't register sometimes. The blank head shots are harder to tell if you just missed or not but they're definitely real. Of course, on the flip side, the servers give you head shots on people who just ran behind a wall too so I guess it is competitively even
  12. Making comparisons between R6 and H5 though aren't entirely fair (not even touching the multi-platform aspect). H5 has issues that I don't think can necessarily be fixed through updates. - Heavy Aim - Ghost Bullets - Ghost Melees I'm pretty sure these issues run deep in the engine and if they could be fixed they would be. I also enjoy H5, especially after the updated radar, pistol only starts, and removing ground pound and SC. That being said, I think these core issues of a simply broken engine come up when you grind a lot of H5 at a high level and it drives you crazy.
  13. I like it but besides the 2k finals... It look likes they also just do random match ups? Transitioning this idea over to Halo though any up and coming Halo team gets stomped by a top 8 team, and doesn't stick together for more than a week. The Ex-Lux gaming squad being the exception here. Furthermore, you think Splyce would want to play a random match up against REC or Elevate? To be fair you think Tox would too? Probably not unless there was some serious incentive. Everyone just seems so tired of this game. The top 8 pros just play $2s with friends until they tilt and then jump on Fortnite. I don't really have the answer, I just don't see the passion and the pride in these teams. As far as having a reality show as someone suggested above, to have story lines and what not, fuck. Once again, everyone saw the Splyce interviews at NOLA, you think they have passion and competition in this game?
  14. This is true, I also remember Ninja on EG throwing down a no scope on Eden slayer for EG to win the series and it was like the first pro league series for CLG to lose. Good times for sure. The org thing is also true, just didn't really think about it much since all the orgs have left Halo. Like I said, I would be down for a Pro League if it was done right, and still have the open tournaments, and 2ks for open bracket seeding and sift the bottom two teams out of Pro League every season.
  15. I miss Pro League because of the set schedule and matches but obviously it was run like shit. Currently you'd have to make some changes because you think Splyce would take the old Pro League serious or give it the 2k treatment? edit: I wouldn't mind having an 8 team pro league and then the 2k's for ams trying to get seeded in the open bracket LANS because currently the 2ks are 1st round play a hard good game against other ams and if you win you get rewarded by getting stomped by a pro team. They would just have to create incentive for top 3-4 teams to take the Pro League serious every week. Currently there is not much reason for top 4 teams to take 2ks serious outside of pride and competition. Teams like Str8t and Ex-Lux who are on the bubble are the only one's with something to fight for as the layout stands.
  16. Don't think so Anyone else see Blaze hit the kiltac against Tox and then finish the game with 7 kills lol?
  17. Yeah I matched Kenny in H5 a few weeks ago and he dropped 40 kills, 4,000 damage in Truth CTF against Onyx's like it was nothing. Bro is a machine.
  18. Our Dallas store had a large turnout as usual which is always good to see. We had over 10 teams. The blowouts are real. Me and a buddy blew out our games 25-1 or 2. Then we played a couple of ams (Article and In Reality) and got blown out. Some people I have seen getting blown out every month but still coming back with a smile and fist pumping everyone and its cool. Some people I never see again. They don't offer prizes for this reason and I think that is a good idea because it sets the tone for just have fun. Nothing is ever going to be fair or perfectly fun for everyone. Putting the pros and ams into later rounds is not a bad idea because letting rookies play other rookies does make for close games, just doubt anyone will ever do it.
  19. Yeah the nostalgia is strong right now. A few H3 tournaments would get about the same amount of teams and views because Halo people are Halo to the death, but it certainly wouldn't bring us back to some sort of Golden Age. We would get 50 or so teams and 10,000 or more views, while off in a corner people would be bitching about regression or wtf is the new Halo? The first thing that hit me when playing H3 is I really like the H5 crouch strafe. Here is some optimism for 343 getting Halo Infinite mechanics right.
  20. Honestly, you'd probably gain 15 or so teams. So like 60-70 total teams. There are still low tier H3 competitive guys that simply do not play anything past Reach that just don't play Halo anymore but still have a deep love for it that would come back. Plus the handful of pros like bestman and neighbor. But that's it. And I'm guessing that adds up to about 60 people.
  21. God that is a terrible idea... But this does justify a lot of what the old school MW2 guys claimed back in the day as Black Ops and CWL was announced. Competitive Cod is simply not a fun version of Cod. What made Cod fun was all the OP guns, killstreaks and pub stomps. I kinda feel them. As far at the Fortnite thing goes - I'm in the same boat in that I just want to shoot people in 1st person - just a personal thing. I understand the game is skillful and fun but just not for me. - The building is skillful, the shooting is not. - Not a fan of the artstyle - Not a fan of 3rd person

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