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  1. I'd say only Ninja and Lethul were new talents for Reach. I guess you could consider Royal 2, maybe Aries, etc. as being new but they competed in H3 but were just on Top 20ish teams
  2. Well. Happiness went to sadness. Actually I guess it was the opposite since I had read the AGL 10 cancellation before seeing this thread.
  3. Oh. Guess I wasn't clear. I know it's a part of PAX Prime, but what is the actual schedule of it and what times will it be taking place?
  4. PAX Prime, August 30 - September 2 at the Washington State Convention center in downtown Seattle. http://prime.paxsite.com/hotels-and-travel But I too would like to know when the acutal H4GC events will be taking place.
  5. I mean, they gotta make their money. But still, the easiest thing to do would be to just add a ranked competitive playlist (I haven't played Halo in two months so idk, maybe this might be in there by now).
  6. I thought 343 was made up of former Bungie employees plus a bunch of newcomers?
  7. Anyone know what time the actual thing is supposed to take place? I'm thinking about going but only want to go for the Global Championship thing instead of the whole weekend. Or is this gonna be MLG/AGL-like and have it multiple days? Either way, anyone know the schedule?
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