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  1. Just an update Goofy kind of confirmd the team name BTH on twitter http://gyazo.com/08fbc16d84bc6035dd97e884e6d225e8 and then The 2gre also was looking for a team pass so he might have a new team of is the 4th for BTH http://gyazo.com/a63d883712bd3b8bd2db5692f918bc35
  2. With Lunchbox not being able to make it for AGL who do you think Team grownups will pick up or do you think they will decide not to go?
  3. i said no because its to short notice they shoul pudh it back if they want to do an h3 event
  4. the only problem with that is teams could not scrim without XBC and or a Lan which most people would not do
  5. The roster for SQ for AGL10 was released to be Str8 Sick,Flamesword, Naded and Spartan the dog I feel this is an okay team probably top 8 but not top 4. I don't want to say any of the players are not good because they are all great players. Im not saying any player does not deserve to be on the team but I feel Naded and Flame should be on a better team Although there are not many players left but i think a player like Elumnite and/or Neighbor would have been a better pick up. Str8 Sick is an extremely talent FFA player but i dont think hes proved himself in H4 4v4s Spartan has an amazing shot and hes a natural but everyone knows hes not very smart in game i think if he teamed with someone like Ryanoob and learned then he would be a top tier pro player these are just my opinions tell me what you think of it
  6. i told Brad to do it a while ago and he said there would be no money in it because sponsors wouldn't back it
  7. at 00:31 looks like that girl is so nervous she throws up in her mouth
  8. why because competitve halo 4 is dead why oes that mean competitive halo is dead if the other games are better(IMO they are) why dosent the halo community do like the smash Bros community and go back to earlier titles, at least till halo 5 is released?
  9. i find it hard to believe there are only 250-300 comp halo players left so why are the numbers on throwdown so low?
  10. give them there own section so instead of clicking general discussion under that there would be Halo Trilogy then within that have pinned forms of each making a whole new forum for them .... just a thought
  11. It literally took 1 week to lose 200,000 players and then from there it was a pretty gradual decline from there to where we are now sitting at about 20-25k players a day . The reasons I have heard for all the changes were about evolving the game and appealing to the casual audience. well obviously since all but like maybe 10% max of the players of prior halo games were competitive that means lets say 70% the other 90% percent was casual gamer(not playing firefight and or campaign or co-op game modes). Which means your game failed not because competitive is not good or you dident make it enough like cod or other games. But i think its because it was to much like other games and not like halo , if the casual wanted to play a game more like COD why wouldn't they just play COD? People wanted to play halo for halo and I don't think we will see the return of the casual until Halo is restored to its former glory Discuss what you think made people not like Halo 4 without mentioning the dead horses we have all heard 1000 times DO NOT BASH ANY DEVELOPER
  12. because its discussion on v5 not in the official forum, might not because its a poll . I was just joking though
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