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  1. Horus - Rudimentary, Alexer, Chaser Oniel, Ninzur Cerberus - Slinky, APMH, Stress, Reality KenDog’s No.1 Fan - evil pander, Ka Meh Kah Zeh, Curly Pooper, Elite Pooper Downrush - Batchford, Morguhh, Simplay, Sica ——— Great day today, I still would have liked to have seen some of the open bracket games personally but you still want to watch top level halo at the same time. Hopefully tomorrow seeing the best open teams face off against the pro teams will make up for that.
  2. Super excited for NOLA. Can’t wait to see some of your faces again!
  3. Thanks so much dude. HDH is such a fantastic tool and the guy that runs it is an absolute legend so I try and use the statistics as much as possible. I’m glad the homework has been noticed! Having a blast this event, love the community, it’s been amazing to put more names to faces. Anyone I’ve not met yet please do say hello!
  4. Been sat patiently watching and waiting through Orlando and Columbus and now I can’t wait to see you all again at Seattle. This should be an incredible tournament.
  5. Was great to be back to casting today rather than just interviews / hosting like at ATL. Gfinity arena looks great and the team did an awesome job today despite the issues with Londons travel. Out of interest, what stats would you most like to know/hear? Of course I don't know a way of showing you any in game stats but I could certainly try and give a better insight into certain figures whilst casting. Overall a fun day, as are all halo events. Wish the halo was at the level of NA, admittedly. But it's still hella fun.
  6. Felt great to cast NA Halo again today. It's been a little while and the time difference certainly didn't help, so be gentle with me friends. I had hella fun though, always weird doing online casts as sometimes I couldn't see what you guys at home were seeing but Tom steered the ship well! Honestly can't wait to see more of 'TBD', Ryanoob and co upsetting liquid was great viewing today. Looking forward to the whole qualification process both in the EU and NA. Like last year HWC always brings out the best in both the players and the community. <3
  7. Really enjoyed the event, nice to meet some new people. Shoutout to Pistola for being as awesome as always, can always have a good chinwag. A lot of respect for those that came to spectate but that's not forgetting everyone watching at home too. It's great to read all this feedback you guys really are the core of this community, as Simms said your voices are heard he makes sure of that. Onto fall season we go!
  8. Hopefully he'll be feeling better. It would seem we ate at a dodgy place because both of us got hit by sickness at different times today. I'm sure he'll recover and be back tomorrow as strong as ever
  9. Incredible day of halo. Replays did tire everyone out involved, players, viewers the lot. But the clutch return from Maniac in the 3rd replay made it totally worth it. Really enjoyed today but tomorrow is going to be awesome.
  10. Phlux was on every single power up and making a huge effort to support team mates. But the key words were 'might' and 'maybe', Batchford had a really solid event but sometimes you gotta give the love to the guys going under the radar. I may have been wrong with that one and it's opinion at the end of the day, however the majority of the team had their heart set on flanking and taking individual fights rather than pushing as a unit. Hence why they smashed everyone in slayers with their crazy plays but got slapped in objectives. I think my underlining point was stats don't mean everything and when you can see all 8 pov's you notice certain clunky teamwork. I have a lot of love for Mr.Batch and he knows that.. I'll practice my dip dodge duck and dive in case you and I ever meet though.
  11. Really enjoyed today's cast and the new settings are so refreshing. Would love to stay up and watch the NA stuff but need my shut eye so will have to catch up on a rebroadcast. X men need to answer a dominant performance from the online warriors! As usual any feedback welcome from the cast but as I said personally was one of the most enjoyable casts I've had to date. Harry and Rich are two great friends and I hope this shows on screen.
  12. Really appreciate all feedback @ me and will be taking it all on board as I continue to develop. Whilst I don't want to make excuses for people, one thing I want to say is yesterday would have been a very tough day for Strongside, he obviously lost his mother recently. He even had the bravery to discuss Mother's Day with a player and I have the utmost respect for how well he handled yesterday. Remember we are all human. Great to get to know the NA scene more, hope I'll get to return again one day.
  13. The Gabriel thing I blame being an Arsenal fan and their CB is pronounced that way. It's frustrating for myself believe me and I hate not knowing the correct way, I was trying to pick up off Mike or Alex but sometimes in the moment you revert to whatever sounds right in your head. I love feedback such as this and will be sure to work on it for my next cast.
  14. It was an absolute pleasure to get the chance to cast an NA event. I enjoyed it thoroughly and any feedback is more than welcome, I am still learning, improving and know there is still a long way to go. First time ever doing play by play when I was with Mike, needs work for sure but I had so much fun. Congrats to all those who qualified today, hopefully see you all back on the other side for EU Pro league.
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