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  1. based on the time difference we would have to group AU with the EU branch of the league. We would not be able to do three separate leagues.
  2. there seems to be enough EU players looking. If you guys want in, all you need to do is register. Talk to all the EU players you know, get some teams. if you can get at LEAST 6 teams, we will go through the effort of all the organizing for you guys. Its all up to you guys to show up when registration opens!
  3. we also tweet out events and customs, even for EU players. follow us @CHL_Tweets
  4. We are working on a EU branch of the league now, please feel free to join up! look I'm sorry you thought you were the only person with the name, i truly am. In honesty, I have had this name since xbox connect about 11 years now. Im sure it makes you feel better that you think you are the "legit" theory, but I don't care, at all. please act like an adult and stay on topic. #justsaying
  5. We really wanted to create an environment for people who cant make it to events, but still love playing competitive halo. Some of our players do go to events and play with us for extra practice. Its really about community (just like this site). Were hoping to have a few more teams for next season and continue building up competitive halo again. as far as european teams go, we had a team try to compete from Europe last season, the timing is off. If we could get around 6-8 teams from EU, we would put in the effort to give them the same experience as the rest of the league!
  6. An ELO arena system similar to that of LOL or WOW. It would allow a great side form of entertainment from the main story / RPG element.
  7. as far as the league goes, we only do current competitive settings. As far as the community goes, we organize all kinds of events including Halo 3, but not Reach.
  8. Well, in order to get into games you need a team of 4. If you would like to play in our current free agent events, you can just send an email to [email protected] with your information. (gamertag, location, play schedule) and we can include you in all our free agent events. thats not to say you cant register with a team when the new season opens!
  9. I think it was a really great system. In all honestly, Halo needs an ELO system similar to what they did with Arena.
  10. We already do weekly matches at this point. Season 1 is in playoffs (round robin). Once we finish season 1 this upcoming week, we will take 10 days to prepare for season 2. That means in about 7 days registration opens up for individual players AND teams. I am sorry that you chose the same name as me. Its not really a big deal. I have been using this name since xbox connect in its many variations. I would love for you to believe you are the only theory in the world but I have run into many others.
  11. Yeah I know. Hockey player myself. Much better then our old CRL which was (Competitive Reddit League). People didnt know we were playing halo, eh.
  12. Whats up Beyond Ent. CHL:Click Here For awhile now we have been working really hard to put together a different kind of competitive halo platform. Something that was almost like GameBattles or PGL but with more of a focus on community. What we have is CHL or Competitive Halo League. We just got done our first season of play and it went very well. We did a trial phase with around 20 teams and 100 free agents. For season 2 and beyond we are looking to expand. Starting with our own website soon enough, you can get more info right here. On that site you will see our old name (competitive reddit league) but all of our info. please ask any questions here, I will be glad to answer them. first, a few FAQ. 1. we are free entry. 2. two games per week are scheduled 3. we use divisions based on location 4. we have great prizes from Gamma Labs, Gunnar, & Scuf Gaming 5. we use 100% throwdown settings in current form (v4/v5/v6) again, please feel free to ask more. This post is to create awareness as we are opening up registration to new teams for season 2! thanks guys, theory. EDIT: to be really clear, this is designed to be a feeder league for teams looking to get into AGL or for teams looking for more practice for AGL.
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