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  1. I'm friends with Unyshek and I play with him occassionally in Warzone. We usually dominate.
  2. This game was designed around pistol/AR starts. Having a BR off start would limit map movement immensely because everyone would be shooting long range the whole time and would not be able to move around. The pistol is a fantastic weapon that requires more skill then a BR to win a fight with.
  3. Or they will think, "Hey, well all the competitive players are gone. Why don't we just forget about the competitive side and appeal to this Shootin' Sammy kid.
  4. Oh yeah, because in Global Championship you couldn't vote.
  5. They can fix it so the only way to back out is to turn off your xbox.
  6. Nothing can discredit somebody's opinion. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. And like I said before. He wasn't stating it as a fact. He said, "Halo 4 is the best Halo." That is obviously HIS opinion because that is a controversial subject. There is no solid answer. Few things in life are actually facts. For example, Lets say somebody won a gold medal at the Olympics. Most would say, "They are the best!" Is this a fact? No, because somebody could say, "No, I think the bronze medalist is the best, he just didn't do his best this time."
  7. :| Gulp... lets just say he kept his belly button clean enough that you wouldn't die if you drank from it.
  8. When somebody says something that is controversial, it is obviously their opinion. It isn't necessary to put IMO before every statement. The fact that they are saying it shows that it is their opinion.
  9. Will the Hauppage HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus work on the Xbox One?
  10. Yeah, I like it, but the inconsistency in design between the home page and forum page kind of bothers me.
  11. Okay, you are stuck on an island with a buddy of yours. The only water that is safe to drink is spewing out of his belly button. Would you rather take the bait and drink out of your pals belly button or die.
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