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  1. 3ds Max is the better program, but if all you're modeling is map designs, I would say go with blender. Its not as powerful, but the interface is more intuitive and easy to grasp. 3DS Max is more streamlined for complicated things like motion graphics. Honestly, I would say Sketchup is the best option unless you're going for some mad circular stuff. Once you get all the correct components, its like building a map out of blocks irl.
  2. 'suuup. Forged a redesign of an older map recently. Its a drafty version, so there are some kinks here and there in the forging. I'm debating whether to keep the lift below the towers or move them below the bases atm. The forge forum here seems a little quiet these days.
  3. hahaha yep. Over a year into forging in H4 and I'm still mashing the thumbstick like its nobody's business.
  4. Ophelia is a competitive 4v4 compatible with Slayer and Extraction. Slayer simply revolves around balancing bridge control with weapon timing. Extraction, however, places an even stronger emphasis on setups and bridge control making the two factors almost vital with that gameype.
  5. I never could get used to the level editor in MM. Now that you guys mention it though, I kind of want to hop on and try again. I suppose I could remake some Quake map just to get the hang of it.
  6. Finished Ophelia this morning. You can tell where I started grinding to finish it lol. I'm a little skeptical on having an uncontrollable mid, but we'll see how that goes.
  7. I'm gonna to start running 2s every Tuesday and Thursday at around 6pm CST. If any of you still bother playing H4 and have room on your list, shoot me a FR. GT: basketskate3
  8. Close as in teammates being too close off spawn, or both teams being to close to each other? I honestly don't have a particular reason for the former lol. As for the latter, I like to force that initial engagement and having em so close pretty much ensures that'll happen. It's not fugly just yet. I'm workin' on getting it there, though. I made a couple changes based on some feedback I received last night. • Added a back route from purple/gold to cyan/red • Reworked bottom mid • Replaced the tunnels with some more tunnels • Added a jump from bottom cyan/red to top seafoam/orange • Added a jump between top cyan/red to top seafoam/orange • Snipers are back at the initial spawns • Railguns are in bottom purple/gold now • Replaced the OS with an Incineration Cannon (1shot 60sec) at bottom mid • Reworked timers
  9. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/basketskate3/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=a1b71c05-dbee-4a72-93f3-640b570b2110 She's a 2v2 I forged for the recent contest. To those that played the original Ugly, I made changes: • Cleaned the design up • The sniper rifle now spawns where the suppressor original spawned • Suppressor was moved to the bottom lift rooms • Removed the tunnel in the lower bases and instead made it a connections between the new sniper spawn and bottom mid. • Incorporated a window connection between the upper bases and what was suppressor spawn. • Lowered the central bridge to open LoS between the two side rooms. • Replaced needler with Plasma Pistol • Replaced the original railgun with an overshield • Replaced speed boost with an assault rifle • Couple other weapon changes I was thinking of adding a connection between the bottom lift room and the top of the new sniper spawn. Not sure, though. Feedback is appreciated as always.
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