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  1. hit me up brother Gt:StillDaddy / or Twitter : @StillDaddy94 so we can talk more
  2. I have LAN XP in multiple fps games. I stream on MLG Vexx Gaming Channel and know how to play a dominant support player, that can callout, and all that good stuff hmu . (This week will be studying for finals ) but after will be available so hit me up with offers please. Either on Twitter : StillDaddy94 / GT: StillDaddy
  3. GT: StillDaddy TWITT: StillDaddy94 LF 2 Players that are dedicated to play in HWC
  4. Me, and my duo are looking for two individuals to compete with for HWC who are GOOD,CALLOUT, and Serious as we are. HIT ME UP FOR TRYOUTS TOMORROW WE WILL BE GRINDING IN THE EVENING HMU ON TWITTER OR XBOX: @StillDaddy94 / GT: StillDaddy
  5. hit me up gt: StillDaddy / twitter @: StillDaddy94
  6. My duo and I are looking for two individuals or a group of two to grind HWC with. My be available at nights. hmu on my twitter, gamertag
  7. Me and my duo are looking for two EXPERIENCED HALO players to compete in the HCS must be skilled , able to grind in the evenings (unless something important occurs of course) message me on Twitter @stilldaddy94 or on Xbox an will hit u up ASAP
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