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  1. Arena and chill? You know what that leads to Nah but fo serious I'll have a three day weekend after tomorrow and I'm definitely looking to get some games.
  2. Arena and chill? You know what that leads to Nah but fo serious I'll have a three day weekend after tomorrow and I'm definitely looking to get some games. Game has been run
  3. I've only played two games with you and I played like hot ass, so I totally understand if you take this with a grain of salt, but I'd definitely be keen to get some games going. I'm typically around low Onyx and play pretty strong at that level, but I'm eager to improve and I have a decent background in competitive Halo to build from (mostly CE, some H2). I added you the other day so hit me up anytime.
  4. Oh you You fellas trying to slay tonight? It's been a few days since I got into a big group.
  5. I need some more people to run diamond/Onyx Slayer and Arena with. Gt is LL Sorbin LL I'll be on tonight around 6 PM CST.
  6. Whoops, I accidentally negged you on this pos phone, I'll rep you to make up for it.
  7. I just added you, hit me up whenever you need a 4th.
  8. Okay, is anyone getting hit detection issues? At first I just thought my shot was off. But I've been getting numerous instances of unshielded opponents eating AR rounds well within red reticule range and living. Coupled with the server issues, I'm starting to think it's not just me.
  9. Can you describe this a bit? It sounds a lot like peek-shooting.
  10. So true. And on that front: where the hell is Firefight? It was a beloved addition to the series, and the success of Destiny has proven a huge demand for progression-based PvE shooting. This has the REQ system all over it. Integrate unique REQs into it, progressive rewards and tiered difficulty and you'd have a hit the whole community could enjoy. Instead they decided to integrate PvE into this Battlefield-esque gametype and, again, fail to really capture any key audience. Note: I still find Warzone very fun, especially with you guys, but the fact that we have it at the expense of other series staples and key Arena maps/features is bothersome.
  11. I feel like the biggest core problem of this game, and the franchise as a whole, is this massive identity crisis 343 has on whether to make this a competitive or casual game. The end product has been a largely unfinished game that attempts to appeal to both audiences simultaneously, and is largely failing. The casual playerbase (the ones invested in other games, not just the ones who always buy Halo) see little to no reason to come back. A have tons of friends who fits this bill, who bought Halo 5 and just can't stand the high TTK and ring-around-the-Rosie radar. Ironically, changing these two things would be a boon to competitive play as well. Is 343 simply not looking at the competition? Do they not realize that encouraging retreat and punishing players simply for moving at base speed are bad designs? Who honestly finds this thrust-Sprint-retreat gameplay entertaining? Who actually enjoys crouching around the map? The numbers answer those questions. If 343 could just make a solid, medium-speed shooter it could be entertaining to pick up and still very hard to master. People obviously play CSGO, League and Smite and know they'll never make it pro but still enjoy themselves. If 343 would just build this franchise from the ground up for esports (the one community with which it has any merit anymore) and let the mechanics speak for themselves, I'd be willing to bet they'd retain many more casual players.
  12. I'm playing 3sens/4 accel and I love it. I haven't tested it exactly but it seems to strike closest to that ~.8 second acceleration curve from H1-4 (as recorded by Strangevolt). 5 acceleration was good but it was so quick that it felt almost like CoD.
  13. The notion that Bungie could improve this franchise is laughable. The glory days of competitive Halo were bolstered by its amazing community; Bungie was (and is) content to dismiss competitive play at every turn. We had to fight them tooth and nail just to get Team Hardcore added to Halo 2 way back. They have a great sense of art direction and for crafting great controls, but they've been pushing their games towards cheap, gimmicky designs for years, culminating in Destiny.
  14. Definitely, I'll be on tonight for sure! We gotta get that time down to 2:30 even haha.
  15. I'm down if you've got a spot. GT is LL Sorbin LL
  16. On the subject of thrust in 1v1, I'm also starting to feel like it's basically required in an even fight against an equally skilled opponent. It sticks out mostly because the default strafe speed/acceleration is just really, really sluggish. Anyone who tries to short strafe basically just stands still and gets 5 shotted. Long strafing is slightly more effective but not very difficult to track. Crouch strafing is decently effective, but noticeably less so against a BR or DMR due to the magnetism pulling the shot downward to the hitbox. I tried bumping the entire set of movement options up to 110% speed/acceleration and it felt pretty good. I'd like to see if perhaps having a quicker traditional strafe would lessen the need to go for the thruster in every single match-up.
  17. GT: LL Sorbin LL Would love to play Arena with some competitive-minded folks, hit me up anytime.
  18. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some people to run some 4v4s with. I'm diamond in Arena and Onyx in slayer, with a good bit of competitive background in CE and Halo 2. The GT is LL Sorbin LL, feel free to add me and let's play!
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