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  1. Two body shots, one head shot on people strafing. Other than that, 3 headshots if people arent looking. You really need to make sure to get your reticle high on people's head as well. The bottom of your reticle should be no lower than where a Spartan's eyes would be. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TWlSTED%20M/video/24044596

    On the first two kills, I could have had my reticle up even higher and I should have. You never want to be aiming at someone's neck because you want the game to pull your bullets down into people's head rather than going straight into their neck where it's a 50/50 headshot. The last kill in that clip, my reticle is in a pretty good spot for MCC.

    I often find the best shots in MCC usually play high sensitivity and let aim assist and bullet magnetism do their work for them rather than trying to place each individual shot like you would do on lan. I'd play 6 or 7 sens for that reason but my snipe goes to shit, so I play 4. But I try to keep the idea of letting the game do my work.

    Seems like you aim higher in MCC than in OG. Sick clip by the way man!

  2. The CE Magnum in MCC makes the H3 BR look 100% consistent by comparison. It's not a matter of aim. It's just broken. Goes from feeling like the Halo One Pistol in H5 (i.e. free three shots for days) to feeling like the Reach magnum with 100% bloom that never resets. And that's before you get to people just tanking shots in general.

    That's a perfect description. It's such a shame; I don't really have the time or chance to LAN so this my only fix I suppose :/

  3. The ones in the H1 playlist are particularly bad. I swear though, 80% of MCC are either below the age of 10, missing a thumb, or have a legitimate learning disability - and none of them have ever played Halo before. You'd think by this point, only the hardcore veterans of the series would remain.


    I just added you. Hit me up if you need a 2s partner.

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  4. Christ, the seriousness with which people are treating fucking Warzone, farmer or not, is insane.


    Honestly I hope the farming ramps up until it drives everyone out of the playlist and then maybe Warzone can go the same way Breakout is going.


    (12 man ghost zergs are still hilarious.)

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  5. All that matters is that we now have a window to see first hand exactly how H5 would play with a high speed utility. That's an opportunity I think most of us have at least wanted to explore to some degree. It's obviously not going to be perfectly balanced with the rest of the sandbox, but it could prove to be ideal for competitive play (pending its level of bullet mag/aim assist) and, I think most importantly, it offers us another reference going forward when we look at overall weapon balance in terms of TTK.

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  6. CE- 10. Simple but elegant with endless competitive playability. Still my most played (and yes I mean OG Xboxes, CRTs in the trunk, CAT5 cables and all).


    2 - 8. It marked an immediate and fundamental departure from CE; few will remember how controversial it was at launch. But it was still a strong game with great maps and the most copied online infrastructure ever built.


    3 - 7. I never got into 3 much so take this with a grain of salt. Its needed utility fully ushered in the concept of "teamshot Halo" and things like equipment began the series shift towards casual gimmicks. Its set of features was incredible and I respect the enormous following it had; I simply didn't enjoy it on a fundamental level.


    Reach - 5. This is Bungie's definitive statement on competitive play (namely their distaste for it). Without the saving grace of MLG v7 it would be utterly worthless.


    4 - 4. A below average game by a new developer who did not (and sometimes still doesn't) understand Halo's identity. The obvious CoD influence resulted in a soulless game.


    5 - 9. Many will disagree with this, and I can't blame them. But at the end of the day, Halo 5 has been the only title I've really invested myself in since CE. I've ditched Halo 2, 3 and Reach to keep playing CE, and when life got in the way of LAN, I gave up the series entirely. Yet I continue to play 5 because despite its flaws I genuinely enjoy it. I watch it diligently because I truly enjoy watching it.

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  7. @ recommended the Asus VE228H to me and I love it. It's very affordable and is advertised with a 5ms response time; its actual time according to the inputlag.com database is 11ms which is comparable to a BenQ (10ms actual time).


    I was on a budget so I went with that and it's been more than suitable for competitive play.


    Edit: of course, if you want to spend a little more BenQ is the competitive standard and they have a couple of models around $180 USD with a 1ms response time (~10ms actual).

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  8. I've got tons of qualms with this game but at the end of the day I like it more than any Halo since CE and I just want to keep playing/getting better.


    I'm much more interested than getting groups together for customs or MM than just running over the same old ground. But I've been airing grievances with Halo since the bnet Halo 2 days so I suppose I'm just glad to have a game I enjoy for what it's worth.

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  9. I'm very curious to see if the CE magnum will actually be a projectile weapon or if it will adopt the hitscan properties of most of this game's weapons. I want to see high kill speeds as bad as anyone, but if that thing registers hits from way off center of the target like even the current magnum does it's going to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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  10. I was watching the Renegades/CLG scrim last night from Spartan's stream and the guy really is just the full package. I was really impressed with their Truth Slayer despite losing by ~10. CLG runs the Carbine spawn trap so well, but Spartan was shotcalling his team into coordinating a push out to red very well. And on top of slaying so well, the guy is willing to push the needed positions and take a death if he has to.


    The whole team is stacked really. Rapidly becoming a Renegades fan.

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  11. We're looking for 1 person to run arena/GBs/Qualifiers with. Preferably someone with good communication and has a good adaptive support playstyle. My group might play a bit differently than what a lot of people are used to so a big factor here is that you have to be open minded to trying things you may not think would be the best option. We like trying out a lot of different strats and options.


    Let me know if you are interested.

    I'd definitely been interested. I'm looking to get into serious play and I need a solid group to develop with, plus you guys are all cool as hell to boot.

  12. @@BigShow36


    You play with bigsauce, would he be proud of the current AR? We should STILL be referring to AR kills as giving someone the bigsauce.




    I never quit using that term haha. So many don't know though so the conversation typically goes along the lines of:


    *Friend starts using AR*


    Me: Hit him with the bigsauce!


    Friend: Wtf you talking about?


    Me: I'm old.

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