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  1. Regardless if I get perm banned I'm still laughing my ass off hahahaha. These kinda posts are great
  2. Dang man I don't remember the last "debate" that lasted 5-6 lines
  3. I mean like every other American I have a backpack for something important called school. So yeah sorry I don't have use for a little gaming backpack that I can keep my precious gaming headset in while I travel to the Couple of lan events every year
  4. So the 3rd place people win backpacks? What do you expect them to do, just throw them away? Lol who tf wants to win a backpack
  5. Formal will never come back. More money in cod due to the online tournaments that they have every day, along with 25ks, and season finals.
  6. And how many of those wins for CLG were actually close? Maybe like 1. RNG there was 4 at least.
  7. Lmao wtf are you talking about. That was likely the closest series CLG has had, CLG been together a few months, RNG been together 2 weeks. Didn't watch CLG side but RNG side didn't look like they were playing at 100%.
  8. Fathom flag (game that tied) was also very close. Anyways 8-2 with 2 games that RNG choked. With more practice from RNG this series would be 6-4. Good gameplay from both teams tonight; CLG still dominate though
  9. Idk if it's just me but it seems like commonly isn't leading the team like he normally does. Ninja seems to be calling the shots tonight. Not sure if it's on purpose but that's what I'm seeing
  10. That's where it gets tough because they have the challenger league (assuming it's like cod) where the bottom 2-4 teams relegation against the top challenger league teams instead of playing at the finals. But I agree at least 8 teams at the final cause anything less isn't really much of a tournament, more like just a couple of series
  11. You can't really say that because 2 top 4 teams, Eg and RNG both have a member who work full time. Obviously they can still put in the time to be a top player. I also agree with needing more teams like last seasons denial. Personally i think the reason for all the lopsided series were because a lot of teams had to pick up someone last second because of lethals move to CLG. A lot of teams got significantly worse because of that. Now that teams have the squads that they want. I expect this season to have a lot more competition and I think CLG will have some very challenging series ahead of them once these new teams get practice under their belt
  12. I actually hope only top 4 teams get payed. There are so many ams that deserve to be on a top 12 or even top 8 team and that won't happen unless only the best of the best get paid. Cause if only top 4 got paid more pros would call it a quits. And Paying the 8th ranked team just keeps someone like ogre 2 playing the game. Inb4 negged because people actually think ogre2 isn't washed. Also just because you are good at halo doesn't mean you should get paid. Only the best should be getting paid. Players hard work should pay off.
  13. Ah I didn't know shooter didn't qualify but the trio of bubu, huke, cratos all placed top 4 where as lunch, Roy, and snipedown placed 8th. Is suspectors 2nd place finish enough to push them to 1st?
  14. One would assume that envy and optic will be 3 and 4 considering both teams weren't at the hwc. Tbh I think e6 should get first place seed as the overall placing for their team at hwc is higher than eg. Either way we all know eg will win the allegiance lan.
  15. 2 tier 1 German teams? Haha they aren't tier 1 when they get destroyed by ams in matchmaking.
  16. The way I picture it is the top 8 teams are the true "pros" as ams would have a very tough time taking games off of them, but then you have the 9-16 teams that will drop games more frequently to top ams. Also top 8 does make it so their isn't any blow outs except of course whenever CLG plays someone. I think top 8 is the way to go.
  17. Looking for onyx players that play everyday. I run arena and slayer 1800+ csr.looking to make the grind to champ If you want to play ever add GT: Apollo uG
  18. Hey guys I am looking for good players to form a team for online tourneys and lans. I am willing to run with f/a's, to2s, or to3s. It is preferred that you are at least in onyx. If you are interested please post below or message gT: Apollo uG
  19. Another thing I noticed was that TeamAllegiance Twitter followed Goofy and Str8 Sick. Maybe they will take over the allegiance name?
  20. I'm curious, are we expecting the halo pro league to run the same way as the cod pro league? Which I believe is 12 pro teams? Or will we see a bigger league with 16 teams?
  21. Ninja just said, "This will be my last day as the biggest halo streamer." Optic Naded hype?!
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