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  1. We are looking for 2 players or a TO2 that grinds and wants to go to LANs in season 2. We have a org that is starting up. Either respond on this post or msg me on xbox. GT: Nfinite Puise
  2. We are looking for a 4th that wants to grind for season 2, can go to LANs, and can be on everyday. GT: Nfinite Puise
  3. TO3 looking for a 4th to grind with. We are not playing in the LCQ because were going to grind for season 3. GT: Nfinite Puise
  4. I mean if we end up playing and we are all cool with each other we could be a TO3 maybe.
  5. Allstar you talking to me or Stormy?
  6. GT: TheBestPulse Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBestPulse
  7. I am a F/A but just started grinding in this game lmk if u wanna play tomorrow and possibly team. ill give more info and stuff when and if we play
  8. I am looking for a TO3 that is grinding and can go to future lans. Im new to halo but have and will be grinding. So please hit me up. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBestPulse GT: TheBestPulse
  9. I am a F/A looking for a team that wants to grind and doesnt mind picking me up. Im new to Halo comp but i have been grinding H5 over the last couple weeks and i have been watching streams for awhile. So plz give me a chance i am willing to grind and just want to place very well at future events. Times I can play: Weekdays: 4-10:30 CST Weekends: When i wake up to when i get tired. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBestPulse GT: TheBestPulse
  10. I added both of you guys and sent a message to Steady on Xbox
  11. GT is xPulse iG. Before you want to try me out i do want to say i am new to comp halo but i am going to grind everyday.
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