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  1. They don't have a competent enough web developer to add a delete account option. Might explain why the layout is from fucking 1990. Looks like shit guys!
  2. How often do you walk straight into glass doors.
  3. And I think it's worth mentioning that banning people from Halo forums = "Hey, let's kill Halo quickly/quietly." I don't think I advocated for that.
  4. @@RyanW @@Moa Um if your a circlejerk mod, don't fucking speak to me. Moa I work full time, I take classes on the weekend, I haven't owned an xbox in 5 years. You have built your life around posting online about Halo. It's not impressive buddy.
  5. Oh sorry Moa, I didn't mean spending my life posting on 8 different halo forums glad handing 343. I meant playing Halo . Like a normal person, with a reasonable time commitment, and living the rest of my life. And not watching a company ruin my favorite franchise.
  6. Moa, I was here long before you, and I will be here long after your gone. No I don't find the circlejerk amusing or constructive. I don't think any actual halo fans do. Just a heads up.
  7. They could say well we've lost 10m+ fans. So we decided to make an actual Halo game.
  8. They should remove Halo 4 from the game. Ruins SWAT. Love that 343 refuses to simply contract the game to another company. It's a disgrace.
  9. Spreading what false information. Halo 5 is not on the top 10 and Halo 2/3 were #1 on top 10 for 6 straight years. I think it's pretty clear the pros don't develop the game and have minimal input. The population is below 50k. 343 can shake that tree however they want. It's still terrible.
  10. @@MultiLockOn Should probably take a job at Certain Affinity. You don't want to be the most senior dev on map design team w/ no experience... Looking at you 343.
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