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  1. Listening to post scrim comms from LG I'm really impressed with how mature Saiyan is. Definitely voicing his opinion a lot and in a positive way.
  2. Since the Customs and Matchmaking thread of the forums is pretty dead has anyone thought to make another team beyond clan on halo to run games with the new settings? Last I checked the other was full and I figured having another active one would help with people finding solo queue painful... plus Achilles wouldn't look too shabby.
  3. Do you know where they were getting these maps and settings for the scrim? I believe the titles ended in "Pez". I noticed ARs spawned under the bases on coli instead of SMGs and I assume there were some other changes.
  4. Some absolute studs are about to run custom 8's on Penguins twitch stream. Looks like the updated radar and pistol starts only.
  5. I can definitely see LG being these 3 with VicX. Also, with as much experience Victory and Ninja have with Spartan I would expect things to click almost instantly compared to most of the other top NA teams(excluding NV and liquid) making more drastic changes.
  6. I completely agree with what's being said in here and the importance of it. I also do really hope it's seen by people involved in the future of halo and that they do something about it. Just looking forward to some good team talk that's all! *returns to lurking*
  7. Anyone else patiently waiting for the main topic of discussion to be team changes and not all these other issues? So exhausting.
  8. If the rumors are right I'm really surprised Trippey was picked up over Victory or Ninja. If the stat page that was posted a few pages ago is correct both played statistically better than Trippey. I'm definitely not one to base performance off stats or anything but I found that interesting.
  9. Both ALG and LG out... come on and remake the old Renegades team already and stop wasting my time.
  10. Ayyy I just moved out of Blacksburg! Anyways, with most of these teams still being unofficial I would love if we got to see the old Renegades team with Spartan, Commonly, Ninja, and Victory run games. I wonder how they would do now months later.
  11. Such a mood kill... Interview should be interesting. Not a well deserved win.
  12. My roommate and I took 1st and 2nd, it was pretty funny Hit me up if you ever wanna game my tag is ThtBossNamdDrew
  13. Yo same here!! My roommates play competitively as well I'm the only lurker on the forums though Must've missed you guys at the pre-halo 5 gamestop tourney lol
  14. Man that twitch chat is absolute cheeks. Not even sure why I was reading it but the community is trash nowadays. First series I've been able to sit down and watch live for pro league and I'm just shaking my head at some of the things people say about the players.
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