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  1. Looking for three for halo 5 tournament in Louisville ku. HMU BxR Drillz
  2. Looking for 3 for Louisville Kentucky tournament. HMU BXR DRILLZ
  3. I am on everyday for 6+ hours looking for a team to grind daily with. I know how to play the game. I would like a team that understands the game and know when to push or be aggressive. I just want a team that can grow and get better from critism or take a loss and learn from it. I don't want to team with a team that just can't improve or not willing to. I'll be on this evening just hit me up and let's run games. BxR Drillz
  4. I can play every night. I recently broke my fibula so I've been dedicated all my time to grinding halo. I want a team who thrives to win or wants to learn why they loss and correct those issue to make them better. I want a team where it feels like we can grow as a team. HMU will be on all night. BxR Drillz
  5. I'm ready to grind try me out or whatever I know callouts and I know when to make the right pushes just hit me up in ready now.
  6. I wrote you on Twitter lets run some.
  7. We are in search of two f/a or a to2. Must know callouts and willing to learn and play as a team. Know when to push aggressive and adapt to playing styles. Hit us up we are looking to pick our teammates by tonight. BxR drillZ Qsurf
  8. HMU I will be on running games around 6pm eastern. Xbl BxR Drillz
  9. I live in Louisville ky HMU I need a team
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