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    lets see what happends
  2. Thank you CyReN, on 16 May 2016 - 1:16 PM, said: It really is okay. to be honest, I keep up with the halo scene a lot still so I guess you can call me a "lurker." I see things that true and that are untrue and completely biased posted daily lol I love team beyond... and these memes. I also knew Saucy back then and it seems as if he has matured nicely. Cyren, youve been active for as long as Ive been alive now so I appreciate that too. thanks for the green, and thanks for the scrim last night STR8 sincerely, no radar plz
  3. is my name green? kappakappa prob not, I came here to look for information about the challenger/contender/AM league.... is there ANY info??
  4. The following are three categories of some players who I think have played this right , the same, wrong since the HWC sea1. This is my opinion but I'd love to hear what you guys think as well. Don't take this so serious now... +the good+ RNG roster. The entire optic situation that went down yesterday Olawen getting a solid 2 Frosty staying *neutral emotion* denial breakup- go from solid to okay now let's play against each other and risk a good team to see who places better and gets more money The E6 team LIQUID -negative sir- The use of the power you had when picking a team when you have a pro pass. Elevate team disband and the group of players who know who they are who look for massive amounts of kills each game instead of literally pulling the flag that's infront of you. I want to give swift kill a shout out for recognition Lethul/R2 past teammates who now own everybody Flamesword on the step down CYREN still forum boss Dewbron on the GT change @@Xrossfade no way 16 pro teams duuuuuuude there is a huge gap after 8! Watch regionals!
  5. Idk if there is a AM HCS thread, but if there is can you please link it to me I cannot find it. I need to post TiZoXiC_02 and _Blaze are a team of two in the "unnotable section" if you can please help it would be much appreciated. Looking for players like FlyingKick1 and homIE g. Thanks
  6. If this is true, burton and i have been officially screwed in the last two tournaments from bs. :/ Honestly surprised optic made it there.. hope Psylince has been the one ALWAYS playing too. Hmmm.. Maniac to choke game 5 then vlog about it pz
  7. look at the orbit nighthawks 2-1. That first win they got I got booted out when we had 2 flag caps already, they win. game 2 they're winning the entire game (plaza slayer) until the final 5 kills(no need to host boot we might beat them) NOPE we win... series 1-1 game 3... Nighthawkz up 30 points in stronghold eden... get booted. You guys figure it out yourself. Same thing will happen next weekend i really don't know who will win it next week
  8. To all; listen, there is cheating going on in the online cups. Nobody seems to give a sh.t. i really don't have time for this in my life anymore to be knocked out like this. Rules have been bent since i was told in St Louis last year by referees false rules before FFA round 6ish. I do not like where this scene is now at all. I just was cheated by team orbit which is now playing against Liquid for top 8. Now, because of this, we must play in the last chance next week because i was cheated to kids who will lose 2-0 to liquid unless they cheat again. I have been on since the night this game dropped. i have not lagged out of one cup. I have not lagged out of one cup. I have not lagged out of one cup. this is the 5th time doing this and you tell me I "lag out" when it counts the most? the thing that makes me most upset about this is that no matter how many times we messaged Sweaty eddy. dramis. fire bird. trevaholic. they did not respond one time... however rules are rules. i get that, but i don't see any sportsmanship here anymore, nobody is truthful and this is too stressful. this is not a place where i want to stay, it will never grow. Ogre2 being dropped was maybe a good thing, but can be extremely bad if it gets hectic on the CLG side - 4 kids with gun skill but can they keep there composure? Ogre2 to still place higher and profit more than me if i make it to columbus now... \\ good luck people this is every man for themselves out here in this jungle... 1st place: CLG or Naded until next time; Blaze
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