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  1. I'm obviously a fan but after a week and a half of scrims/competition it seems like Ogre2 is getting it back... Comms never an issue but KD is much better
  2. Any way to see game results of Splyce vs EG? Just went back and rewatched series vs TC. Def not Ogre2s fault...
  3. When will we know how they plan on seeding from the open bracket?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but only one of Splyce and ALG can make worlds right?
  5. All I can say is the hype is so real right now for any EG/2gre fans. Nothing against Devon, but EG looks much better with 2gre's leadership and comms.
  6. UHHHHH EG IS BACK..... 2gre had a good series and their communication is on point...
  7. I feel like the daycare should be able to pick up another good player based on how their scrims were going..
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