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  1. or we could make real competitive settings which will bring back people from the competitive community just like NBNS did in reach, that was a huge jump in reach. IIRC it went from ~200 to 1000 ..
  2. you haven't given your opinion on why it should stay yet, all you've come and done is "it should stay, you're wrong". for any opinion to have some sort of validity to it requires an explanation of why you think that way. if you're going to keep dodging giving the explanation then it only gives off the impression that you have absolutely no idea why it should stay other then you enjoy it. here's a tip: just because you enjoy something doesn't make it good. seriously, some people enjoy crushing there own balls, dislocating there joints, hell, the most notable one really being drugs/alcohol/smoking and none of those are good for you.
  3. maybe, just maybe those people stopped playing because the game isn't enjoyable because of said reasons and they're trying to fight to make the game actually good and enjoyable so they can start playing again??? lets stop looking at it as those people aren't playing so there opinion doesn't matter because lets look at halos actual population. the population is incredibly low and needs to gain more poppularity or interest, to do this you have to listen to the people that don't play or have stopped playing because they are the players that you need to get interested and playing. and, of course the only way to really accomplish this is to listen and accept what they're saying because they're telling why they don't like the game and offering suggestions or even pushing for changes to get them more interested in playing again. these peoples opinions vastly out weigh the opinions of who is currently playing because halo is dieing so catering to them will only accomplish speeding up the death and not giving it life saving medicine. stop ignoring, start listening.
  4. it shouldn't just be those 2 things, it should be skill, teamwork andstrategy. sadly almost every single map in use at the moment has very little strategical depth to the point that it isn't really there, station9 having a complete absence of it. take one thing away from what should be required and you've severely dumb down the experience. the only thing that is left is an illusion of skill because at least one of the other required elements is still required creating the feeling of skill being present when in reality it's absent.
  5. um... halo 1 is a halo game, it is also the most competitive halo game so because its a halo game and highly competitive makes it the best comparison we can use to define and re-create competitive halo.
  6. where are you getting elitism from? he never stated he was better, nothing of the sorts so you're just warping what he said. what he said was that pros need a wake up call by playing a CE 2v2 tourny, what these means is that the pros aren't as good as they think they are because the game and settings have been holding there hand so if they were to go and compete in a CE tourny they would actually struggle from the huge increase and skill and teamwork required. i don't see any sort of elitism in that, in fact to state that as elitist is elitist in itself because it means that the pros are actually very very good and can demolish pretty much regardless and that they're better then any else. sounds pretty elitist huh?
  7. well that's an extremely restricted way to go about it. it should be: 1) determine if people want station9. note: if the community wants it then skip the following steps. 2) search the community for a replacement 4) put the community maps in the settings for the community to actually try them 5) find out which of the maps the community would like to see stay as a replacement to station9
  8. "stripped down" and "competitive" directly contradict each other. stripped down means to remove elements that help make up what would be defined as competitive, so stripped down would be a synonymous for dumbed down, noob friendly, requires little skill which is the exact opposite of what competitive means or implies. also, thanks for explaining why station9 isn't competitive.
  9. that poll is soooo one sided. it isn't yes or no, its yes or these. the problem comes when people voting might want something else other then the 3 choices of no, say solace so they just stick to station9 because that's what they know or they simply just don't vote.
  10. the large majority that doesn't play throwdown let alone H4?
  11. the ark. or was it the park? i'm not sure, the names are soooo similar. it's the one with the boat in the center.
  12. quick question, if v4/5 is for pros and tournaments then why does it have its own playlist? the people who typically compete in these tournaments spend most of there practice time in customs scrimming other teams or friends to get ready, they hardly ever actually venture into the playlist itself. seeing as the people who actually go to these tournaments don't actually search in the playlist then there is absoloutly no reason for the playlist to even exist. my conclusion is this, the playlist and these settings aren't meant for tournaments/pros but for the community, seeing as this would be the case then the community really should have a strong say over what actually goes into the settings not pros exclusively. so, it's appalling that we're already at v5 and the community has had little to no say in what actually goes into the settings, instead the settings have just been ruled by the incredibly small minority being the pro players which don't accurately represent the community but only represent what is best for themselves. it's to late to do anything now though because the people that would be interested, the actual real competitive community have already stood up and left for other games with no signs of returning. the only people that are left now are the die-hard wannabes that will do anything to try and be "pro" even though being a "pro" halo player is an impossibility.
  13. well then please, do enlighten us on how to play station9 and all the multiple different strategies that are available that isn't just running through, or sitting in a corner of a hamster tunnel.
  14. what do you do? simple, hold crouch or forward because there is nothing else you can do.
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