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  1. I generally don't have a problem with any of the casters, besides some minor things, but it's rather annoying hearing them say "arguably one of the best players in the game" about literally everyone.
  2. Nice overkill from Royal 2, too bad we couldn't fucking see it.
  3. Third person point of view should almost never be used for these matches.
  4. Why is it so difficult to find a schedule of what time matches are and on what days and against what teams? When you go to lolesports.com, right on the front page is when the next match is, who is playing, and what the match takes place (and in your local timezone). I can't find anywhere on Halo Waypoint where a schedule is posted. And then when Googling "halo pro league schedule" it still doesn't show up, except on a third-party site (esportspedia) and even then, you have to click a couple more links to actually find anything.
  5. Were they really screen watching, or are CLG just trying to be safe about it? I know last night or the night before someone came out of nowhere and instantly killed Snakebite where he was hiding and it looked super sketch.
  6. Blame CLG for making a roster decision they felt was necessary to win. Unpopular as it may be, due in no small part to the timing of the decision, if they felt it was necessary then so be it. The majority of us here aren't privy to the inner workings of the team, playing armchair manager isn't benefiting anyone.
  7. I love vibration as well. My friends always disable it as soon as the main menu loads for the first time in any new game they play and whenever I ask about it, I only get "it's just awful" as an answer.
  8. Forgive my newbness, but why do so many people hate vibration? I don't see how it affects gameplay.
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