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  1. https://wccftech.com/halo-the-master-chief-collection-pc-2/amp/ Microsoft Store seems to confirm MCC on PC.
  2. Imagine thinking that 343 aren't actively focused on making Halo an open world franchise. Imagine playing H5 given the prior context of ODST and not picking up on 343's hinting.
  3. Really? I haven't browsed casual Halo discussions much in the last three years, apart from Twitch chats, but it seems like the only real criticism of it has come from competitive fans. To me, it seems to obviously appeal to the casual players and campaign fans almost universally. I think they feel respected by the developers expecting them to understand it, and that it gives them a taste of competitive-feeling gameplay, similarly to the feel of low-level CoD. That actually might slightly support Halo esports in a kind of twisted way, although obviously not enough to be worth it. I no longer think the conception of the "skill gap" or the "skill floor" is useful to the discussion. Rather, I think the discussion should shift to "the plays" (as in, the "big plays" that are made in a match). Clip moments, in other words. The button complexity of H5 creates a series of micro-plays for the lower levels, for example. These "plays" are the real core of both addictive casual play and addictive competitive play, and to realize this means to abandon the "skill gap" idea for the "plays-per-game" idea. The real question, then, is how you correctly line up the Skill 1-Skill 50 curve with the levels of plays that are suitable for that skill level, and to do so in a way that won't interfere with the higher or lower skill levels. Mostly, I think it's the lower "play-making features" that interfere with the higher, rather than vice versa. A lot of what goes into a "big play" is also aesthetic and characterological, particularly at the lower levels, with the concept of "feeling like a Spartan", for example, being amplified through Reach's respectable and refined grey and skeletal visual direction, or through sounds and indicators and feedback. At the higher levels, "feeling like a Spartan" doesn't even register as a concept. But returning to the original point, I suppose new players would require that a game not be dead. Old casual players seem to be the ones that like H5.
  4. Not really. This concept art was tweeted out a while ago.
  5. Imagine discussing anything other than campaign and base gameplay mechanics.
  6. What a pointless image. Maybe it's a result of the context of H4 & 5's character and personality, but the grass looks like grass, the trees look like trees, the landscape looks like landscapes and the bases look like every other "military realism" FPS/movie. Of course, realistic assets aren't a problem for games like Skyrim, since there's no atmosphere of realism. Childlike romantic idealism, a cinematic atmosphere, is the foundation 343 is forgetting. To be fair, the Infinite trailer does have an atmosphere of magic to it, and it is set on a Halo, but this image just exudes Halo 4 & 5. Blankness and detachedness.
  7. It's called Splitgate: Arena Warfare LOL
  8. The design is more classic than the original design. Slightly more clarified, I think.
  9. lol no. Was referring to the title.
  10. Letting Boyo design Halo would probably be an improvement, at least.
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