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  1. I live in Texas and am looking to find a team, I play everyday all day and stream my gameplay (twitch.tv/zacklan) in case anyone wants to see how I play. I almost always only solo que and am getting tired of it. Send me a message on Xbox if interested. Any timezone works.
  2. Anyone down to run a couple matches
  3. hey, im from Austin also, was champ in FFA then got sick for a week and now Onyx... finished Onyx in Arena last season and have been running by myself and am sitting mid diamond. send me a message on xbox if you want to give me a shot, Gt: ARC 1796.
  4. anybody down to grind some team arena. trying to get onyx, currently D4. Champ in FFA
  5. I'm looking for a team that knows their stuff and is able to take a loss and talk through the mistakes made. I'm online every day and all day. i am currently sitting Champion in FFA and looking to get that in Team Arena and Slayer. I am looking for a team to do GBs, Online tournaments, and HWC Season 2. If you want to talk please message me on Xbox Gt: ARC 1796
  6. still need that one? sitting at onyx 1539
  7. im only d1 easy to get to onyx when with team... message me if interested
  8. we need one to grind, middle to upper diamond. trying to get to Onyx tonight.. message ARC 1796 on Xbox One
  9. Im diamond two, trying to get to onyx tonight. send me a message on xbox ARC 1796.
  10. I am looking for two to three people to grind some Team Arena with. looking for people in Diamond to lower Onyx. message me at ARC 1796 Via Xbox.
  11. looking for three to play some Team Arena. Im trying to get to at least Dimond 4 tonight. send me a message via Xbox ARC 1796
  12. Do you still need the one person?
  13. I am looking for a team to play and compete in skrims/tornament. I am in the U.S. my Gamertag is ARC 1796 please message me via Xbox. I try to play most days, Halo is my most plaed game.
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