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  1. wow! so i just played somebody who was modding... is this literally what this game has come too... it was like this all game too, he would kill people in like 3 AR shots and from across the map too. https://twitter.com/Zachary_Lan/status/785569394151690241
  2. @@LethuL all i know, is that they should have not lost against yall if they didnt want to play two series
  3. lets just remind our selves who won worlds last year.......... CLG/Optic
  4. @@Phade the improvement of the stream between yesterday and today was amazing. the stream was a lot more inviting and interesting, the look at the other tables in between the main stage matches made it a lot less boring during the wait.
  5. That was one hell of a lan... a lot to take in, and discuss with my team, go through and watch it again. Congrats Optic and GG's to Team EnvyUs. I look forward to playing against yall in the near future
  6. i honestly don't care about the veto system. it makes it to where the matches will be more intense
  7. I am part of a To2 for the Beyond Tournament we have the team spot reserved. If you have any questions please message Moo Cow Thief on XBL.
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  9. The long breaks with the same thing playing was not the best thing for the stream, but i appreciate that you guys are going to address this and try and mix things up. I feel that people lost interest in the stream at that point and turned it off. I like the idea of the handheld camera roaming around while the stream waits, that should make it more interesting.
  10. that is true, almost an instant way to become a non pro again
  11. the whole situation seems pretty sketch if you ask me. why was there not any refs there and what was with the poor planing.
  12. i found it and read it, wow, thats really dumb. that should seriously be resolved by tomorrow at the latest
  13. wait, so what happened, i just got here for the day. or what page can i read about it on
  14. Is Xbox live or Halo having issues right now? I checked their websites but it didn't say it was, just seems to be having issues right now.
  15. Can yall run games tonight and tomorrow? The 9th is approaching fast. If so message Moo Cow Thief on XBL Cody i know you and i have been talking back and forth and am eager to get down to olaying some games with you
  16. I need to find 3 players from the Austin Texas area, to form a team for the PBL tournement on the 9th of October. If you are interested in potentialy winning a lan/getting picked up by an org, please message Moo Cow Thief on xbox. It has to be players from the area, i posted here because nobody check the local halo players tab...
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