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  1. So, I'm in a bit of a predicament, logged into twitter today to find out the people I was going to team with in Vegas disbanded... I am going to attend because I have the FFA pass already and the plane ticket. If you need one please let me know ASAP! message me on Xbox or on Twitter @Zachary_Lan GT: Moo Cow Thief
    Champ 142 in FFA and mid Onyx in Arena. Have some Lan experience the only thing is I need a little extra help financially for a hotel. 

  2. So over the months I have noticed that everybody posts F/A information, however nobody is acting on them, including other F/A. I am one, and I am willing to work with other people to put together a team consiting of 4 players and a coach for lans and onlines. Lets get some of us together and form a team and stop hoping for an existing squad to pick us up. My GT is Moo Cow Thief, and my twitter is @Zachary_lan message me there if you are interested in teaming. Who knows what will happen...

  3. I respect the grind. Good luck man




    Tip I learned competing in Fighting Games and Halo 5. You can put a 100 games down and learn nothing when you're playing for the sake of playing. But if you're self analyzing, actively looking at holes in your gameplay, even 5 games could be incredibly beneficial to you. The art of getting better is self analyzing yourself, looking at your losses (it sucks I know) and not looking at other teams as a stepping stone, but being better than you were yesterday. Good luck again

    thanks man, yeah we are going over the loss and figuring out what we can do differently  

  4. We knew going into this event that there was no way ticket sales were going to cover the prize pool let alone our other production costs. With that being the case we made the decision to keep costs on the players extremely low. $140 for a team pass (included 4 FFA passes), $15 for an FFA pass, and FREE for spectators. Our goal was to recoup some of those costs from sponsorship. We're eternally grateful for ASTRO Gaming coming in and sponsoring the FFA and really making that an awesome prize to win. But outside of those guys, who support this community more than anyone (Beyond tournaments anyone?), there isn't much in the Halo scene. Sponsors just aren't super interested. This means that Esports Arena took a HEAVY hit on this event, but we still shot to provide a good product where we could, without sinking ourselves even further.

    Hey, for not having much money to put into the event, it was pretty good... Sure it had its ups and downs, but that final day, on that Sunday you guys made a huge turn around and really made the event 100 times better than it was... Thanks for taking the time to host the event and thanks much more for listening to the community to make those rapid changes. 

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  5. Hey everyone!


    We are hopeful the community supports our endeavor to produce and host Halo.  The UGC comes from within the community.  We have hosted local H3 lans in 2010 and our event last year with 94 sign ups.  We know the community is crucial to the success of Halo eSports (as Halo eSports was built by the community).  The community wanted a Mid-West event, we have provided.  We have also provided the largest prize pool open event this year.


    -We are not HCS sanctioned

    -We are providing all financial investment into the community

    -We believe in the community

    -The event is Mid-West


    UGC is hopeful this event can prove "for the community, by the community" is a valuable asset to Halo eSports.  This event isn't for the UGC or HCS, it is for the community.  Pros and AMs should support this endeavor to ensure Halo eSports has many more years ahead of it.  Hope to see you there!


    Grab your 4v4 or FFA pass, and support!


    could you get both like at the HCS Orange Co event

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