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  1. Hey guys, I stream almost everyday and I will be live again tomorrow at 11am or 12pm cst. bottom is a link to a tweet I made for you guys to decide what I play tomorrow. https://twitter.com/Zachary_Lan/status/961512794326740992 https://twitch.tv/zacklan
  2. Still looking? And are you guys going vegas
  3. So, I'm in a bit of a predicament, logged into twitter today to find out the people I was going to team with in Vegas disbanded... I am going to attend because I have the FFA pass already and the plane ticket. If you need one please let me know ASAP! message me on Xbox or on Twitter @Zachary_Lan GT: Moo Cow Thief Champ 142 in FFA and mid Onyx in Arena. Have some Lan experience the only thing is I need a little extra help financially for a hotel.
  4. I will be attending HCS Vegas in march for the FFA event, bound to have one, I am Champ 101 in FFA. So if any team is attending vegas for sure please let me know asap. XBL: Moo Cow Thief Twitter: Zachary_Lan Twitch: ZackLan
  5. Still looking for one, would love to run some games tomorrow, i get out of work at 4pm cst message me on twitter @Zachary_Lan
  6. when will you be on tomorrow/today? Depending on the time that you read this
  7. So over the months I have noticed that everybody posts F/A information, however nobody is acting on them, including other F/A. I am one, and I am willing to work with other people to put together a team consiting of 4 players and a coach for lans and onlines. Lets get some of us together and form a team and stop hoping for an existing squad to pick us up. My GT is Moo Cow Thief, and my twitter is @Zachary_lan message me there if you are interested in teaming. Who knows what will happen...
  8. If you still need one im down, will have to drive up from Austin, Tx GT: Moo Cow Thief message me on Twitter @Zachary_Lan I get off work at 9:15CST I don't have a team pass, but if you have one then I shouldn't need one, right? Champ 27 FFA
  9. Im interested gt: Moo Cow Thief FFA 2100 Arena 1600 due to crap teamates
  10. ill be there too, seeing as though my teammate had to drop due to some scheduling conflicts... tried to find someone to team with but none of the partial teams would answer messages.... rip me
  11. hmmmm, same here... they are probably playing just as the team without an org...
  12. i have the team spot reserved, i just need one more person to play, i had a second but something came up and he wont be able to make it.
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