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  1. MW2 was just as good. I feel like half of you people have never even played CoD. The Rankings of the games would go like this compared to Halo. CoD 4=Halo 2 MW2=Halo 3 MW3=Reach Blops1+2= Halo 1 (Because everyone thinks they're good but they both have straight ass hit registration.
  2. Could someone make a video of what all you can fit in the backpacks and travel bag? Probably include an xbox and astros. I just wanted to know the size of the bag and what all you can fit in it.
  3. @Bradley James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYrlj9VE2fg
  4. I'm talking about the players that won and didn't get payed. Although him canceling might be illusory, the players that bought tickets trusted AGL and they suffered an economic loss. He's lucky this wasn't a huge tourney or he really would get fucked with lawsuits.
  5. You don't have to have a written contract. If they go to an event and they win money, without AGL paying out it's fraud. Doesn't matter.
  6. Yeah if obviously can't look the same but then again I guess it could.
  7. @@SilentRaine "Reach V7 still lacked the movement and physics of Halo CE, Halo 2." Halo CE movement was shit "and still had AA's which are terrible for game play honestly." As pick ups, they're fine. They're like another power weapon but not. Evade on Zealot :goat: "A Halo CE style game play is what is really needed." Arena style I would not be satisfied with a reskinned Reach V7. Why not? It was one of the best and far better than the shit they gave us.
  8. YES. I wont really be on much till friday and the weekend but i'll add you right now.
  9. I either get hostbooted or get ******* on my team.
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